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Friday, March 03, 2006  
I think I am done with my amelie blog. Good times. It's been a long, long, ridiculously long, blog.

I'm finally busy enough at work and home that, while it's nice to have this to remember things that happen to me, I'm too busy to write down every little peeve and joy. No drama, just good stuff. It's like burying a friend, weirdly. Or maybe a pet. I don't want to jinx myself on either account, though, so maybe I should say it's like saying goodbye to a pal who is going abroad forever.

~See ya, Amelie.

8:54 AM

Monday, February 27, 2006  
So, I ended up with a pretty disgusting migraine this weekend. It's my first one in ages, so I'm not going to panic. But I am going to stock up on migraine meds since I only had one low dose table of my favorite concoction, and it almost worked. You cannot breastfeed and take migraine medications, you have to be careful about that sort of thing. In any case, I'm finally free as of sometime last night.

Felt good enough to meet the Ninja's for pizza at Roma. It was very yum and I snagged the extra piece for lunch today. I already ate it because it was good and now I want more pizza. PF said it needed more sauce, and I'm inclined to agree (for my particular pizza perfection) and Lisa said it needed less meat (and I'm inclined to agree for my particular pizza perfection) but all in all, it's good cold the way we got it.

That was pretty much all the fun I had this weekend. I mainly stayed in the house telling the PF how much my head hurt. Which was not fun for him.

But he watched the Bassmaster Classic all weekend, and one of the commentators was the Bachelor with the dog. Byron. I forgot he is a professional bass fisherman. The guy who ultimately won was from Washington State, which is weird. And these fish are no small fry; the prize was $500,000. I'd totally encourage the PF fish all the time if he was that caliber, but the thing is, you have to fish all the time to get that good, so I'd never see my pocket fisherman...so he please don't fish all the time because I like having you around. But definitely bring some home from Berryessa when you do go. I love the fish from Berryessa, they are delicious.

My poor coworker has a wisdom tooth coming in and has spent nearly a year trying to get it removed and is getting the craziest runarounds from dentists who take our PPO. They should be called wicked teeth; her mouth is CRAZY painful looking. Poor gal.

~Amelie, Migrainetorial

12:08 PM

Saturday, February 25, 2006  
I feel sick to my stomach. I was headachey earlier from last night, and my tummy was not too good, but now I just want to cry on top of all of it and I might throw up.

Erica came to get Seamas and myself for some dog park fun at Belle Coolidge/Partner Park, and we were almost ready to go (I was petting a shy pit bull) when I heard a car stop on Fruitridge and everyone said "Oh No!" and I saw a brown lab rolling in the street and at first I was angry that someone let their dog out of the dog park off leash and it tore across the way, but then I found out what had happened, and either way, I was already feeling like puking. Basically, the truck driver had the dog improperly tethered and it jumped out and it was on a long enough rope that it was dragged under the rear truck tires.

And he got out of the truck and picked his writhing squealing dog up and threw it in the cab and yelled "Bad Dog" and got into the truck and drove off fast. We were all so shocked and I was doubled over. And the woman next to me started crying.

Erica and a few others apparently saw exactly what had happened and we were all really upset, but what made me so angry was that he called the dog a Bad Dog.

Even writing that makes me cry. Bad Dog? Jeebus. "You're a bad dog because I'm an asshole and don't know the law and now that you are in pain and writhing, I'm a wreck and feel guilty so I'll blame you." There is just no defense for that. What does he do when his kid breaks his arm? Smack him?

I tried to yell out "Take the dog to Mueller" because they are still open for non-emergency on Saturdays, but I couldn't get the words out. It was like my chest was crushed.

I'm still shaking.

But I feel like I need to post it just in case anyone thinks it's okay to drive around with a dog in the back of the truck improperly tethered.

To tether correctly you need 1) a HARNESS and 2) a CROSS TIE. You cannot leave a dog on a leash tied to the middle, you cannot have a dog on a collar on ANY kind of leash because it will strangle if it gets excited and tries to jump out.

The thing that kills me is I bet that dog was a regular at the dog park, and the owners were just average every day joes who'd never had a problem before, and today their dog got excited and tried to beat them to the park.

And will probably need to be put down.


~Amelie, Bad Dog Day

12:16 PM

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