favorite quotes:

"Stare, pry, listen, eavesdrop. Die knowing something. We are not here long" ~Walker Evans

And a new one that makes absolute sense to me:

“There is nothing new in the world except the history that you do not know.” ~Harry S. Truman.

favorite movies: Raising Arizona; A Room With a View; Vertigo; So, I married an Axe Murderer; Fresh; All About Eve and consequently All About My Mother; recent recommendations include: monsoon wedding and y tu mama tambien and AMELIE, duh.  I also really like The Color Purple and I tend to enjoy older films, but not as much as the PF! 
I bought practical magic in a weak moment, I bought In The Cold Light Of Day (I say it's better than the Pledge though I admire Sean Penn's directing). I own Run, Lola, Run (soundtrack and movie too).  I love going to the movies.  I hate it when they are lame.  Lameness= Moulin Rouge (god, I hated that) and Two Weeks Notice (ugh) and a few others.  Most I can handle.  I notice I don’t usually like films with Hugh Grant in them though.

music perennially floating in my head and that can be recalled at will: pixies songs, nick cave songs, gloria gaynor "I will survive", kiss-like opening (is always there) to "sister havana" by urge overkill; Etta James "At Last" because I am cheesy; the rooster from "chocolate jesus" always crows, and for some reason the words and tune to "jet boy, jet girl" but I can't remember who sings it.... It’s The Damned, actually.  I also really like Swordfish Trombones and that Norah song about “when the wind blows, it goes something like nobody knows...”

What I'm reading NOW: The Culture Of Fear by Barry Glassner.  It’s about media misrepresentation and over-blowing of statistical normalcy and how Americans buy into it all, and then take great pains to protect themselves from things that just won’t happen to most of them.

Books I intend to borrow ASAP: A book about Edgar Cayce and his predictions.

I couldn't finish Possession, Bridges of Madison County, or Bridget Jones' Diary. Bleck. Although I think out of the bunch, Possession was the most promising. 

favorite food to cook at home: Anything fresh from my garden.  I also like spaghetti squash with sundried tomatoes and pinenuts. Yum! Or a nice steak on the grill with montreal seasoning.  I actually love to cook.  Used to be a baker for a nifty spiffy cafe here in town for years.  It was called Greta’s. 

Least favorite thing: raw tomatoes and bad rotting smells, especially rotting tomatoes.  I am also not a fan of fights breaking out on my lawn and 911 not responding.

most recent painful experience: teeth...exposed...nerves to air...cryptic yet scary, I know.

I adore: real mail. the smell of linden blossoms. my dog asleep next to me on the couch when he's in a little doughnut shape. real hugs from non-creepy people.

secret (embarrassing) pleasures: mentos (the freshmaker), world's funniest videos. Watching the PF sleep.