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Monday, February 27, 2006  
So, I ended up with a pretty disgusting migraine this weekend. It's my first one in ages, so I'm not going to panic. But I am going to stock up on migraine meds since I only had one low dose table of my favorite concoction, and it almost worked. You cannot breastfeed and take migraine medications, you have to be careful about that sort of thing. In any case, I'm finally free as of sometime last night.

Felt good enough to meet the Ninja's for pizza at Roma. It was very yum and I snagged the extra piece for lunch today. I already ate it because it was good and now I want more pizza. PF said it needed more sauce, and I'm inclined to agree (for my particular pizza perfection) and Lisa said it needed less meat (and I'm inclined to agree for my particular pizza perfection) but all in all, it's good cold the way we got it.

That was pretty much all the fun I had this weekend. I mainly stayed in the house telling the PF how much my head hurt. Which was not fun for him.

But he watched the Bassmaster Classic all weekend, and one of the commentators was the Bachelor with the dog. Byron. I forgot he is a professional bass fisherman. The guy who ultimately won was from Washington State, which is weird. And these fish are no small fry; the prize was $500,000. I'd totally encourage the PF fish all the time if he was that caliber, but the thing is, you have to fish all the time to get that good, so I'd never see my pocket fisherman...so he please don't fish all the time because I like having you around. But definitely bring some home from Berryessa when you do go. I love the fish from Berryessa, they are delicious.

My poor coworker has a wisdom tooth coming in and has spent nearly a year trying to get it removed and is getting the craziest runarounds from dentists who take our PPO. They should be called wicked teeth; her mouth is CRAZY painful looking. Poor gal.

~Amelie, Migrainetorial

12:08 PM

Saturday, February 25, 2006  
I feel sick to my stomach. I was headachey earlier from last night, and my tummy was not too good, but now I just want to cry on top of all of it and I might throw up.

Erica came to get Seamas and myself for some dog park fun at Belle Coolidge/Partner Park, and we were almost ready to go (I was petting a shy pit bull) when I heard a car stop on Fruitridge and everyone said "Oh No!" and I saw a brown lab rolling in the street and at first I was angry that someone let their dog out of the dog park off leash and it tore across the way, but then I found out what had happened, and either way, I was already feeling like puking. Basically, the truck driver had the dog improperly tethered and it jumped out and it was on a long enough rope that it was dragged under the rear truck tires.

And he got out of the truck and picked his writhing squealing dog up and threw it in the cab and yelled "Bad Dog" and got into the truck and drove off fast. We were all so shocked and I was doubled over. And the woman next to me started crying.

Erica and a few others apparently saw exactly what had happened and we were all really upset, but what made me so angry was that he called the dog a Bad Dog.

Even writing that makes me cry. Bad Dog? Jeebus. "You're a bad dog because I'm an asshole and don't know the law and now that you are in pain and writhing, I'm a wreck and feel guilty so I'll blame you." There is just no defense for that. What does he do when his kid breaks his arm? Smack him?

I tried to yell out "Take the dog to Mueller" because they are still open for non-emergency on Saturdays, but I couldn't get the words out. It was like my chest was crushed.

I'm still shaking.

But I feel like I need to post it just in case anyone thinks it's okay to drive around with a dog in the back of the truck improperly tethered.

To tether correctly you need 1) a HARNESS and 2) a CROSS TIE. You cannot leave a dog on a leash tied to the middle, you cannot have a dog on a collar on ANY kind of leash because it will strangle if it gets excited and tries to jump out.

The thing that kills me is I bet that dog was a regular at the dog park, and the owners were just average every day joes who'd never had a problem before, and today their dog got excited and tried to beat them to the park.

And will probably need to be put down.


~Amelie, Bad Dog Day

12:16 PM

Friday, February 24, 2006  
Keith Lowell Jensen is panhandling. I'm totally giving him a buck if I see him. He should stand outside of Arden Fair Mall with a toy puppy and a doll in a babybjorn with a sign that says "Baby Needs New Shoes".

I think pretty much everyone I know in Sacramento in some strange way had something to do with Greta's Cafe. Even if they never worked there. Even the bums.

Speaking of food,

This is fascinating. You probably need more calories than you think!! Mostly because of all the incidental crud you do... Unfortunately, typing is not on the list.

~Amelie, Counter Culture

10:38 AM

Thursday, February 23, 2006  
Eat A Peach for Freedom.

I snagged one of PF's cans o'sliced peaches. Yum. And some KFC chicken legs. Double yum. And Cole Slaw. I always call it Cold Slaw. Leftover from age 4. Anyway. Yum yum yummity yum.

There is something in my eye and I can't fish it out.

I am learning how to use Itunes and my Amex is none too thrilled.

Oh yeah, and I'm working. I keep forgetting to answer the phone while the hot receptionist is away for lunch. Silly me.

PF, I made everyone crave KFC here at the o-f-f-i-c-e.

My friend Jamie has been sending me pictures of cute wooden toys for her soon-to-be-born nephew (his mom has banned all plastic toys. Which as a slightly hippiesque mom, I understand, but I know she will find many such toys perfectly acceptable if she broadens her horizons. And she will.) So, I sent her this one.

Today feels like Friday. Probably because I had Monday off. I will likely be very disappointed at the reality of tomorrow.

oh, and Mary posted this on indiechicks. Pretty great. Stupid Girls by Pink, if you don't want to click a video that autolaunches.

~Amelie, Wrrkn Grrl

11:37 AM

Wednesday, February 22, 2006  

I heard a funny story yesterday, so I'm going to share it.

My coworker's brother is newly dating a young mother, she has a 5 year old austistic son. The brother decided to take the mother and son to an aquarium back east, they live in Connecticut. Coworker describes something that sounds like the old Steinhardt and I was nodding along. So, to make a long story shorter, brother and mother are PDAing and kid disappears. The aquarium locks down Code Adam, and they search for a full 2 hours before finding this little scared, shaking boy wearing his coat and backpack by the penguin exhibit.

Brother feels sheepish and horrible, mom is a mess, and they load up shaky little kid and take him home. He shakes and whimpers the entire time, and when they pull into the driveway, he shoots up the stairs into the bathroom. Brother stays to help mom calm down. Kid is not coming out of the bathroom.

Mom goes up to check on him.

He's nekkid in the tub with a live penguin.

~Amelie, Best Stories Ever

(hey, I never said they had to be TRUE stories...)

8:20 AM

Tuesday, February 21, 2006  
The Breast Cancer Run is coming up on May 13th. I was thinking that it would be a neat thing for Ally and Amanda to do since they've picked up the running bug. Although they may want to wait till next year to feel strong enough. Or not. It looks like fun!! My friend Mel has been running marathons these past few years and she does this run annually as well.

I'm back at work. Laundry got done. Wine was drunk. Beanie was bathed. Seamas was walked. PF was fed. Cats were patted. Carpet was vaccuumed. all in all, very productive weekend. 3 days was very nice indeed.

~Amelie, The Pigtailed

10:52 AM

Sunday, February 19, 2006  
Having a daughter is the best part of my life. This weekend was pretty good. Other than the fact that Erica's house burned down a bit and I made some crummy angelhair pasta for the PF, we had fun. I still managed to get some whining in ("whinging" in british) because basically, I feel like a dumpy flop of a woman whose boobs come out for breastfeeding and that's about it. I need to dress up and be taken to Japan or Paris or something.

I hate work; not work itself, but having to go in the first place. My hand is getting numb from my non-ergonomically situated desk situation. I figure I'll just keep typing that way until I can't stand it. PF took me to The Cheesecake Factory on Thursday because I was suspecting my mood was chiropractic, and when I got my neck fixed, my mood improved so much I said "take me to dinner, big man" and he did. Except he brought a wet/poopy beanie with no wipies and no change of clothes. So that was seriously awkward. I managed, though. Poor beanie had to learn to sit in a high chair right quick, and not on our laps as per her usual. Still. That place was pretty yum.

It was Friday my friend's house burned down. That was pretty awful. I cried a lot thinking all her housemate's parrots had died, but when she said "they were all on the bottom of the cages" I thought that meant dead, but it literally meant they were all on the bottom of their cages. Staying out of the smoke. Parrots are fucking smarties. Anyway, Erica's housemate got there in time to rescue dogs, cats, gerbils, chinchillas, and all manner of menagerie. I guess it was a zoo in the yard too, once the FD go there.

We did do a few fun things this weekend despite the freaky fire news. Although we haven't gotten any laundry done as yet.

Here's Beanie with my favorite FD Paramedic, Chris H. I think I got this pic right as she stomped down.

Saturday night we went to Chris and his lovely Jenny's 99 party. I totally lost the PF's $20 fast, and we showed up late. We even dressed up, and Beanie was looking dapper. It was a fundraiser for the Western Lore Preservation Society, and oh yeah, the calendar? PF, seamas and I are June on the salt flats. Pretty great. I love these people so much. Like the cousins I wish I had. We got there late because I was watching Bound For Glory, the Woody Guthrie story, and now I have "This Train...Is Bound for Glory...This train...." in my head. But that's okay, because the 99 party was full of like minded folk. So they didn't mind my occasional outbursts of song frenzy.

Today I helped a friend take some swanky photos of herself. She's such a beautiful gal, inside and out. Her current dilemma is that she hates dating. I said "Who doesn't?" You have to get over the whole "I hate dating" thing. You just do it, go out with a bunch of guys, half of them are creeps, and the other half are people you'd talk to a few more times, and one or two of them are good. And since there are billions of people in the world, you have pretty good odds of finding at least a hundred or so. Dating sucks though it can be fun if you don't limit your options.
She's a cool girl. It'll happen.

Tomorrow I don't have to work. Which means I can finish my bottle of wine, whine to the PF about my pathetic life, sebum-y scalp and lack of haircut, and eat chocolates.

It couldn't be much better a 3 day weekend. Wine is good.

~Amelie, Whining Wino

9:08 PM

Friday, February 17, 2006  

At Sutter's Fort?

I'm so there.

8:45 AM

Tuesday, February 14, 2006  
I just wanted to post that I came home to a VDay card and two bars of dark chocolate. But not just any chocolate. Green & Black's Organic Maya Gold chocolate, which tastes like it was spiked with L'Occitane's yummiest orange and cinnamon lotion, only that's gross, so it tastes like the lotion would taste if it was food. In any case, it's spicy chocolate yumminess.

And PF is bouncing around carrying the Beanie chanting "I like Big Butts and I cannot lie"

Ah, home.

~Amelie, Worker Bee

8:10 PM

Is it just me, or is it sort of dumb that these riots are happening over a fear of a dumb political/religious carricature leading to---horrors--- IDOLATRY??

Don't they have other things to worry about?

10:54 AM


Happy Valentine's Day!

I was listening to the news this morning and they were going over Vday gift ideas (a little late, if you ask me.) I guess propane stoves are big this year? Give your sweety something stinky and explosive? Like your love? Or the even better one was the special Valentine's Day Gift Package at a local laser hair removal clinic. Dude. If you give someone laser hair removal for ANY reason, you are getting divorced. Unless she's really hairy. And overly grateful when you deign to present her with a gift of any nature. Other than that, "no." Big, fat, duh, don't go there.

I have also learned today that Junk In The Trunk means Fat Ass. I thought it was silly slang for foxy/not bony buns. I was apparently way wrong.

My next blog may be called Junk In My Trunk.

Saint Valentine was eaten by lions and his heart was torn out still beating, so we kinda got the shape wrong, dig? He is an olde tymey Roman Christian martyr with a big S. Did you know some saints get big Ss and others get little Ss? I think the little S saints belong to saints that were actually local deities enveloped by christianity. But that's my musing on the subject, I did not actually learn anything like that durin years of forced catechism. I remember being fascinated by the words Great Schism for the longest time though, so if they taught it during that period of my catechistic life, I would not remember anything else.

And the news this weekend included:
Dick Cheney shooting someone in the face and not buying the proper hunting paperwork (the guy he shot also did not have his ducks in a row.) The reason I'm fascinated by this is because the press secretary, my favorite nauseatedly sausagey little fellow and yours, reported that the reason we didn't know Cheney shot someone this weekend while hunting illegally is because the White House was making sure the victim had proper medical care. Because they are all back seat doctors and shit and TexASS has nobody working in the hospitals. In any case, it was birdshot. You could still lose an eye, but I was freaked out when someone said "buckshot". I think I sputtered "Buckshot???? For Hunting Quayle??"

And an experimental plane craft that went down in Roseville into a house and literally Donnie Darko'd some poor kid. What an awful, yet very quick, way to die. His parents must be heartbroken. I am still trying to figure out what this plane was doing there. PF said it was some sort of odd new small aircraft. My sympathies go out to this family, who lost their adult child and their house to this disaster.

~Amelie, Your Valentiniest

8:57 AM

Monday, February 13, 2006  
This weekend was a whirlwind of nuttiness that is my life. Yes. I did 5 loads of laundry. I managed to damage my child not once but twice while buckling her into her safety straps (what's so safe about that, I ask?) Trip to dog park, brunch, dinner, made pancakes on Saturday, and had my entire building shake from some crazy loud noise across the complex yesterday.

It was so loud, ducks flew off the pond in a panic and people across the lake came out onto their shores to see what the fuss was about. It was so loud, my neighbor said his ear was still ringing and partially deaf. It was so loud, car alarms were going off in the next parking lot and anyone home in my complex was outside speculating with each other on what the cause was.

It was so loud, I thought two things. 1) Unlawful duck hunting (this was nixxed by everyone who came outside to check it out) and 2)meth lab. Also on the table, neighbor suicide, M1000, and car backfire. We like wtf? Whose car acts like that? So I went out to the street and it was definitely inside our complex.

Very loud. Chandelier shook like small earthquake had hit.

Anyway. It was a very busy weekend and it was happy and nice for the most part and I'm not looking forward to another week of work.

~Amelie, Uninterested

8:43 AM

Friday, February 10, 2006  
Edit on the salad:
The gorgonzola dressing was awesome and the entire salad, except for the dressing and the tomatoes, was a good carbon copy of my own. So I'm not mad anymore and I'd go back. But only after the lunch rush, and I'm totally getting my salad on a plate.

~Amelie, Satisfied, But Barely

2:14 PM

There's a good link over at Voirdire. It's about the Blog Carnival and all things fattikins.
Being a midweight diarist, I can totally appreciate the work that went into putting that carnival up and it's full of goodies.

In other news,

Been to Pluto's yet?
I went one time before today. It was okay then. Today, I am so rattled by them, I am scared to eat my salad. Because it was like a fucking cup game with a street con.

Okay, I ordered a MAIN FARMERS GREENS with flank steak. I got various veggies added, in particular, pepperoncinis. They didn't have feta, so I just ordered balsamic dressing and watched it boxed IN A BIG BROWN BOX. Then she took my little card and punched it. I thought it was pretty vaguely punched, sort of between side and main on the meats section, but what the hey, right? I watched the meat grrl put my meat on the grill. Then I saw another box, smaller, white, placed behind my salad, which was made by a Latina gal. My salad was made by an African American gal, and was handed by her to the meat grrl, I totally watched, before the AA gal punched my card. The meat grrl added meat to both salads, the larger box got more meat. Then my salad was bagged, handed to the cashier, and SOLD TO THE WOMAN TWO PEOPLE AHEAD OF ME. I was freaked out and I think my blood sugar shot to 250. Then he starts with me, and I'm holding my bread, and I say "You just gave my salad to that woman walking out right there" and he screams at another Latina "FIX THIS!! NOW!" and runs after the other woman. He came back in, without the salad, opened the small white box, and said "did you have pepperoncinis and red onions?" I said "Yeah, that's my salad." And he sighs, looks at the other woman, she offers to fix it, and he hands it off. I'm not leaving my salad. I then watch her DUMP MY WHITE BOX INTO A BROWN BOX without adding more greens, which I ask her about, so she confirms it's a "main salad" and shouldn't have been in a white box, so therefore it's suddenly the Black girl's fault, and the guy runs back to yell at her next, and when he comes out he tells me "people cross in front all the time, so it's understandable you'd lose track." I'm speechless. Then she tried to give it to me for free, but I was just standing there thinking "What the fuck just happened???" and the guy subsequently charges me for a main salad, which is a buck fitty diff, but still.

I think I got less meat. I'm practically shaking. I had argued that I watched my salad from beginning to sold. The guy made me feel like an ass for thinking my balsamic vineger dressing went out the door, and I was swoony and got a coffee to calm my nerves. I've never been so unnerved by salad, people.

I'm about to eat it now......................................

And the salad was made with gorgonzola dressing. And it has tomatoes.

I'm about to cry.

I should have gone to McD's and gotten a double cheeseburger with no cheese, since I know how much those fuckers cost.

~Amelie, Healthy Schmealthy.

1:25 PM

Thursday, February 09, 2006  
When I think of Irish cooking, I don't think of chicken satay, but whatever. These recipes look VERRRRY interesting. I don't know if it's because they're a collection taught by an Irish cookery school, or if suddenly wood duck and pigeon actually sound good to me. There are schools all over the world that you can go take cooking courses at to learn the local food. So, say, if you really really love Florence and the food there, there's about 3 different schools in that city alone. I never thought about it, but what a fun way to take a vacation. I mean, really. You have to eat.

I am watching the receptionist fill out her paperwork to get an expedited passport. My passport is woefully pathetically empty. She's 18 and going to Europe for work related projects. Yes, we're a super small office. I'm 34, nearly 35 if I let myself spin outta control, and I've been to Canada and Mexico and that's it. Why, the last time I was back east, I was 2, and there are pics of me riding a goat in Maryland.

And I think that when I do eventually go abroad for work, it will be somewhere like Korea. I'm weirdly excited about this.

Maybe I will take a cooking class.

Ally, you know the French Laundry trip we've been planning? In about 10 years we need to take a trip here. After we win the Lottery, bien sur....

~Amelie, Cookie Monster

8:10 AM

Wednesday, February 08, 2006  
Ugh...this will make you sick. It's an excerpt from a Singaporese student site regarding the mandatory health insurance that is required if you are coming to work/train/school in the US. It's particularly disturbing because they are amazed that you have to wait awhile to see a doctor and get your medicine somewhere else. Just seeing it from another perspective makes you realize how RIDICULOUS we are here. Yeah, 2 weeks to get a sore throat checked is pretty ridiculous, and having to go without any coverage for awhile between jobs is even MORE ridiculous. And having a baby, a healthy normal baby, can cost so much money, you can go broke. Unless you are already poor. We are dumb here. The Dumb. Everywhere else, you get a portion of your paycheck deducted for national coverage. You can pay more for private insurance on top of that. What is the problem here? I'd MUCH rather have my employer pay into a national system instead of paying incredible amounts for a partial coverage PPO and deducting my check as well as having me pay copays and percentages of coverage. I'd rather find a separate secondary private insurance to supplement national coverage. How does that go against capitalism? I don't know. It seems like every other country has their healthcare shit together and are all about prevention and early treatment. You'll understand what I mean when you read the following excerpt, from a teeny weeny country that canes people for chewing gum.

Health Insurance

Yet another major difference between Singapore and the US...In Singapore, when you are down with a fever, cold or diarrhea, you can see a doctor immediately and for S$20 - $50, you get consultation, medication and an MC. In US, you need to make an appointment to see a doctor unless it is an emergency. However, the earliest appointments available are typically 2-4 weeks away – which really defeats the purpose of seeing a doctor! And even when you get to see a doctor, you still need to go buy your own medication since doctors here do not dispense medicine. Hence, most people tend to self-medicate with off-the-counter drugs that are available at most pharmacies (like CVS, Pharmor) or grocery stores (such as Giant Eagle).

In general, health care in the US is relatively more expensive compared to that in Singapore. The cost of delivering a baby can be $9,000. A visit to the hospital Emergency Room (A&E in Singapore lingo) can cost $2,000. A day's stay at the hospital can cost $500, more than a 5-star hotel! As an International student, we are mandated to have health insurance coverage. This is mainly to protect us against the risk of catastrophic events that might incur gigantic medical bills.

And I'm strangely in favor of this. While it's kind of like that punishment your parents give out if you don't squeal on a sibling or a schoolfriend, it IS a very natural consequence of ineptitude. If you eat crap in wrap, throw out your paper trash. duh.

And people are DYING over this. Is it just me, or does that not speak very poorly on every level of any kind of religious fundamentalism?? In my opinion, anyone espousing a fundamentalist ideal of any sort should be imprisoned for life and removed from the populations at large. You're poisonous. And you don't get the joke.

~Amelie, Sick...

9:40 AM

Tuesday, February 07, 2006  
I am blogging from work. I've decided not to blog ABOUT this job, mainly because I think the people running the show have some computer savvy, unlike my last two jobs. But even if I did, all I could say is "this is rad, rad, rad." The job is soooooooo cool. Let's just say I now work for a for profit that brings people from all over the world here to work all over the US. I do an HR piece, something I've always wanted to get into. I'm being paid relatively well. I am dressed in typical dotcom clothes: jeans, tee, converse, no make-up. Most of the people here are Asian women and they are totally beautiful (I'm sending the receptionist zitty thoughts right now, she's amazingly perfect.) And I LOVE THEM ALL so far. They are totally calm, quietly busy, globally aware, highly educated, methodical, smiley, interesting, political, funny, endearing people. Except that receptionist, who need a chin pimple or two because she's TOO beautiful. She's nice, though.

I have brain fever from reading too much immigration law. I'm taking a nunu pumping break in a second, but I wanted to remember this feeling: I work at a nice place again.

Amazingly, I found this job on Craigslist.

It's a good thing.

~Amelie, Peeing Her Pants With Good Fortune

1:55 PM

Sunday, February 05, 2006  

There are big giant kingfishers on the lake where we live. They are loud bastards and they're incredibly beautiful. I took a couple of pictures of one, I had to be sneaky and it flew away as I was getting closer. I'm going to keep trying. I think they are banded kingfishers. They make a great noisy "chee" sound. I love them.

I love my new place. The ghosty presence is gone. But we are left with stinky cigarette smoke closets that don't seem to be affected by glad gel scent thingamabobs. I need better ideas. Would a fridge pack of baking soda work?

We took the Beanie to the Alkali Flats show last night at the Brick Shot House. So great. She loved it. She was a good kid until 10:30 when she showed signs of fading fast, so we left. Apparently it kept going until after midnight and they did another night of Hank Williams karaoke (where you get up to sing Hank Williams songs with a live band backing you up.) Sugar Willy sang some Hank with the band, and his daughter played fiddle, and it was amazing. We also hit the Pooja Grill for some Indian foodies in best Sac.

Today I'm a little tired. But I already went to Pancake Circus and the dog park, and now we're getting ready to head to a superbowl party. I hate football. But I love chips and salsa and other superbowl food. I also like the ads and I hear they are marketing to women in particular this year, so I'm curious.

~Amelie, Super Duper

2:44 PM

Friday, February 03, 2006  
The Enron exec trials started this week. It bothers me that Martha Stewart has been tried, found guilty and been in and out of prison already for saving herself $50K in stock trading (which sure, naughty), but Ken Lay has been spending his ill gotten gains for the past 4.5 years while he and others sat like fat cats gloating over their truly evil crimes. All of California was SKEWERED in year 2000 thanks to them, and look, here we are still waiting to see them tried and convicted. That makes me sick. I mean, we are dealing with the gubernator thanks to them.


I ate a lot of garlic last night at the Mongolian BBQ. I've always been big on MBBQ mainly because I love to watch them cook it. It's mesmerizing. I piled on the onions and garlic and ate two bowls packed high with cabbage and broccoli. PF says I reek. Duh. Both ends, woot woot! Very exciting stuff.

The most intriguing thing I found out this week that was not depressing, besides watching Cindy Sheehan hugging up on Hugo Chavez--which is a little depressing but I'm fascinated by him and his egomania, is that Boudreaux's Butt Paste is AMAZING for dry cuticles and hangnails. It's apparently good for sixty thousand other things as well, but they seem to have left cuticles off the list.

~Amelie, Very Cuticular

10:48 AM

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