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Wednesday, November 30, 2005  
I am wearing my new Damon and Naomi shirt from the PF. He always buys me things I know he wants to secretly wear, like the spelunking headlight he bought me for xmas a couple years back. Still, I like my shirt, even if it isn't fitted for grrls. It's good for working out (and I will go work out today I swear) and it's teal, which is a color I don't normally wear. I likey.

I also likey this site, which is for self-publishers. This is quite possibly my favorite new question of the week. I'm thinking about writing an "All About The Beanie" book and scanning some drawings and pictures of her and seeing if I can publish it all. If not, maybe I will buy a digital recorder thingy soon (like I keep promising myself) and recording her little vocalizations and then making a CD for her keepsake box. I suppose I can burn one, but wouldn't it be cuter to have one PUBLISHED??? Yeah. I know. I'm a spazz. Anyway. It would be a cute accompaniment to the hand prints and foot prints I've been trying to make in plaster for family members to cherish. No one told me how hard it is to get a baby to gently press their foot into molding compounds. The instructions say to wait until "baby is sleeping". Fat chance o'that.

In other news, my student loans came due with a vengeance, so everyone is getting handmade ornaments this year. Except beanie, who has been shopped for at Oompa with a vengeance. I am also trying to decide which is the better deal: mac mini or dell laptop? I want a laptop, but the mini is so interesting, and I think our next tv will be a monitor as well, so....hmmm. I used to have a mac classic II for college back in '92 or so, but that was the last time I owned a mac and I don't like the macs I've used at other people's homes, but PF is a mac man. What to do, what to do...

I'm slingin' the beanie right now. She was screaming and now she is not. Amazing.

~Amelie MacBonne

12:00 PM

Monday, November 28, 2005  
Where to begin??

Thanksgiving is always my favorite holiday. I love family time. My week was so up and down, starting with finding out my stored furniture and papers at my sister's old house was raided and rummaged through. I still have to report my possible identity compromise. Apparently you report such things to the FTC, and then you put alerts and passwords on all your accounts and credit cards. This is a lot of work. I have not hunkered down and done so yet. I'm also missing things, but for the life of me, I can't tell what.

I then got ready for the next triumphant travel-with-beanie trip of my week. The first one started by train, then BART, then cab with a one level climb avec bebe and assorted kidly crap and crud. But I did it. I had a headache in SF, but it was worth it as a practice run. Because on Wednesday, we loaded up the automobile, and got on 99 south. It was me, my father, the PF, and the Beanie. And the car? She was loaded. Today is my nana's 84th birthday, so we were going down for that as well.

Thanksgiving was your standar all-american fare. And it was good. My family is hysterical and my youngest cousin is suspiciously like my brother, so it was like he wasn't even missing. My mom and my brother stayed up here in Norcal to visit with my sister's future in-laws. She had 16 people I don't know in her house, so I was happy to head to Huntington Beach and West LA for some nana love. I can't tell you how joyful it was to see my Nana hold and cuddle her first great-grandbaby, but it was a pure and beautiful thing. Nana hasn't been herself for awhile, ever since a bout with the shingles set her head spinning. We don't know how long we have with this precious, frail, sweet old gal who tells you she plumped your pillow and got you 4 dozen blankets 50 times an hour. I will miss her so much when she's gone, and I am soooo Thankful we spent some more time with her.

And the Beanie? She was a hit. I wish I'd been able to contact some friends down south for some friendly time, but it was not to be, mainly due to family time. I am okay with that. Now that I know the Beanie is a traveler, I can make it down another day.

Next weekend I am helping with the Wildlife Care Association's big event, the Nuts and Berries Party. Should be a good time. I am right now trying to find a possum costume for the Beanie to wear in true wildlife style...

Did you know that Pat Morita died? Anyone know which restaurant his family owned here in Sacto? I'm having a hard time with Japanese, since teriyaki doesn't exactly lend itself to comedic ribaldry, but you never know. RIP, Mr. Miyagi...xoa

~Amelie, Wild and Crazy

7:45 PM

Saturday, November 19, 2005  
Today was a lovely day out and about with the Beanie. While the PF was away at work, we hit the town with my pal Abby and her sis and nephew. Ab's nephew is about 2 weeks older than Beanie, and about 6 lbs bigger. All these gorgeous hunky babies. Mine is petite and light and a near slip of nothing when you hold her. I am very lucky because I can manage her and shopping and whatnot since she's so dang light, but the heft of that boy baby? Brought tears to my eyes. He felt like SOMETHING. I can't explain it. Anyway. I loves my Beanie, but she's teeny.

We were out and about. We went here to the women's craft fair at Fort Mason. It was GREAT. I highly recommend it to anyone visiting SF during these dates. I bought some gorgeous littel sake cups; the artist was floating small blossoms inside of them. They were breathtaking under her lights and I bought one for my sister and one for my mother. Why?? I dunno. I thought they were beautiful and I wanted to support the artist. When I got them home and showed the PF, they didn't look like much. Why??? I dunno. Lighting, I think. But I thought "my mom would call this an "Amelie Gift" derisively, and my sister would look at me with one of those "Gift Certificates are always nice" looks" So, I am keeping them for myself. I don't collect much besides wooden toy bendable animals and a few pieces of ceramic. And these are still so beautiful. The artist works with heavy metal glazes on porcelain and uses a really hot fire, so the metals form these insane crystalline formations that look like luminescent gingko leaves and dandelion seeds.

I also bought some earrings for myself. I never buy anything for myself these days, only for the Beanie. So I dropped $ on some silver earrings with beautiful green acrylic tubes embedded in them. Kind of like this, but green and square, like me! Abs and I went to Herbivore afterwards. I didn't know there was a patio in the back. Blissfully eating veggies under the trees on a warm day in San Francisco; that is what my heaven will be like.

Except I will be a ghost.

~Amelie, Boo Who?

6:20 PM

Thursday, November 17, 2005  
There have been some possible mountain lion sightings out by Will Rogers Middle School and Dewey High School in the housing tracts there. This is fairly close to the river and is deer country. My source was a bit of an alarmist. Her cat disappeared and her neighbor's dog disappeared and when they heard about the possible sighting near their houses, they put up signs in their neighborhoods. According to my source, Fish and Game are notified, but won't do anything unless a human is harmed. This would be a very rare occurence, mountain lions are very timid animals unless cornered. In any case, cats should be kept indoors, at the very least at night. Coyotes could get them too, but of course, "mountain lion" sounds scarier, so of course, the alarmist go for the scarier things.
If you do see a mountain lion hanging out in your yard, don't run. That's the most important thing. Don't run; it cues their hunt response like any kitty after prey. Make loud noises and get your arms a-waving, make yourself seem big. Spook 'em to get them to run away from you. But do not run, and never let them see the back of your neck. This is just good advice for every cantankerous cat occasion, actually. Ask Siegfried and Roy if you don't believe me.

Here are more tips about mountain lions aka cougars that come into peopled areas. I still think coyotes and raccoons are more dangerous to pets, but what do I know. I only had my dog's tail bitten off by some sharp toothed little critter one night in February.

I am drunk. Not really. I can't drink very much. But let's just say I'm thoroughly enjoying my riesling tonight. One glass and I'm punchy. This could be because of many reasons, but I'm sticking with the alkyhols since I can't spell anymore.

Things that are keeping me going: Harry Potter. Beanie laughing. Seamas high fives. PF. Computer Access. Curves (I know. Insane.) A book by James McBride. The Daily Show. My chiropractor. Finding my favorite mary janes in the closet.

The riesling has gone to my noggin.



12:32 AM

Tuesday, November 15, 2005  

This is amazing. Thanks, LNZ!! I figured out my stolen civic would have cost me a $39 terrapass to offset it's fairly minimal emissions. What a neat project! I hope it gains ground. This is so much smarter than the stupid HOV lane pass that certain hybrids now get in California.

And This Sucks. Thanks, Mel. I am a Target Shopper. But I can't stand these pharmacists. If you don't want to fill prescriptions, don't waste your money at pharmacy school.

Saw my doctor today. Everything is good so far. I'm doing great sugar-wise, even though it's higher than ever. Apparently you don't have to worry and fret about it too much unless you are prego. This is a good thing for me, because I have secretly discovered Reverse Oreos (Nabisco calls them "golden chocolate creme"). Apparently, just buying them (and letting them know you buy them even though they like gay peopl) supports the 2006 Gay Games, so I'm happy to oblige and piss off the American Family Association.

I think it is obvious I'm overtly liberal. I bet it would surprise a lot of people that I am not anti-gun and share certain libertarian type folks' opinions on the current ban in SF that passed last week. Apparently, it's not only a stupid idea, it's a badly written law. See, there's a difference between 'banning handgun violence' and banning guns. Gun controls are already in effect. It's not the controllers fault there are still bad guys who use guns for other than protection and fancying; what you need are stronger laws for gun related CRIME. Shissen. How stupid are people in the USA? Stupid, apparently. Except me and all my friends. Anyway. As far as I'm concerned, if all the citizens of SF comply and turn in their guns, that still makes way for gun violence brought in from OTHER parts of the world, say, the bridge and tunnel people SFers seem to despise so much. Plus, there are plenty o'grannies, trannies, and minorities who are law abiding citizens and happen to own guns. I'm not NRA-wacky, but this is a stupid law. I hope it gets soundly thrashed in court and the well-intentioned citizenry of San Fran go back to their little bubbles and stay there. Or not. I just realized that I love certain San Franciscans to pieces and would never want them to bubble up.

Beanie is upset today. She won't give me a break. This is because I woke her up early and dragged her to the doctor with me. But the bonus for today?? She fits in her farmer overalls finally.

~Amelie La Blonde

3:04 PM

Monday, November 14, 2005  
I got an amazing massage yesterday. I highly recommend semi-regular massages. My back has been a mess since delivery day, and even though I've been to the chiropractor a few times since the Beanie came into being, it was a trip to the CMT that made my lower back behave like a normal person's. I'm going to the chiro today to make sure it stays that way.

I like driving the PF's truck. It's fun to be up that high and look into people's cars and whatnot. I'm a slow driver. And I sing to the radio. And lately he's had 92.1 FM programmed, so I sing to the 80s songs I knew. And I started having flashbacks to KPOP FM. And hitting the pause button on the recorder so I could catch songs and make mixed tapes. And fighting with other girls over who was better, Madonna or Cyndi. I was a Lauper fan and snubbed the rubber braceleted lacey girls like you wouldn't believe; I thought they were as embarrassing as the people who came wearing one glove. I didn't dye my hair, but I loved that heavy back east accent singing t-wrooo coluhs. And Big Country came on and it was Fields of Fire and I was soooo happy. Why do sounds and smells make us remember things so vividly? Must've been evolutionary survival stuff. I was literally transported back to 7th grade at Andrew Carnegie Jr. High in 1983, eating french fries in the MP and gossiping about Cyndi Lauper and the new girl in english with the embarrassing headgear. I wasn't mean or popular, but I was interested in everything, and music was number 3 or 4 on my top 10 things to be fascinated by. I think horses were still number 2 and boys were suddenly number 1.

I only post once in a blue moon now. I have no time to do anything online except pay bills or scan for jobs. I try to read everyone else's stuff, but it's harder and harder. Beanie is awake and more demanding, which is fine, except she gets very bored staring at the computer screen. She will start fussing about 10 minutes into it and won't stop until I stand up and walk out of the computer room.

This is making me seriously think that what I need MOST OF ALL (besides winning the lottery I never play) is a new Dell laptop. So as to peruse the net upstairs while beanie is sound asleep late at night. But until I get a job, it's an impossibility and such an impossibility would come only after apartment and new car. Being layed off when you are pregnant sucks ass. Having your car stolen when you let your brother borrow it is worse than sucking ass. And wanting to stay home all day with your beautiful kid will tear you apart. You know you gotta work, but you really don't want to. It's awful.

We saw Jarhead last weekend. It wasn't as good as I was expecting, but it was visually stunning and Jamie Foxx was amazing. I wouls have switched Jake for Peter Sarsgaard. Gyllenhaal didn't have the gravitas I was expecting for this film's main character. It's good, but it's not viscerally intense like the book. Swofford's book wasn't done a disservice, but it wasn't enhanced by the film. Although the oil fields scenes are horrifying, and the highway of death gave me chills.

Okay. I should apply for another job now.

~Amelie, SAHM Wannabe.

1:03 PM

Wednesday, November 09, 2005  
Okay. It's official. I need to get cracking on my job hunt. I have 6 more weeks of parental leave before the money crunch is back on. I only have 2 more months of uemployment insurance, which is handy, but I want to move back downtown.

I am looking at SMHA and some other programs because I decided I want to be in Sacto without necessarily being part of the Capitol Picture anymore; so, courriel votres idées, svp. AmelielabonneATgmailDOTcom

Life with beanie is good. I am waiting for her to wake up so I can give her a bath. You have no idea the color and scent of the stuff that comes out of infants. It's always a gamble. Could be benign, could be really bad news. You just never ever know. In any case, a bath is always a good thing after one of these special days.

I keep seeing the news about France. One thing people always forget about France (and is pointed out repeatedly by the PF, who finds these things reprehensible) is that it's a country of very white people. Not a bad thing in and of itself, but hello, France is generally considered a tolerant society by those not in the know. Apparently their white population is very racist. Here in the US we are shamed into apologies for our bad behavior towards minority populations. We may not be able to get our country to do anything useful with its shame, like restitution payments, but nevertheless, you would be hard pressed to convince me that it's not looming. And we say things like "no wonder everyone hates Americans." I've said it. I'll not deny it. But when you hear French politicians calling people "trash" and "dirt", and speak of them in euphemisms like "clear out the trash", then you have to wonder why people hate Americans so much. I mean, our politicians are too PC (excluding the occasional trent lott) to say stupid stuff publicly. I guess the French got away with deriding Finnish food, so they can trash talk the North African populations living there all they want. In any case, 1200 cars burned the other day in their suburbs. In fact, it's like South Central LA during the OJ stuff right now...very firey, angry, and smokey. Outraged people. So, not very nice right now... I don't speak from experience since the PF won't go to France with me and I keep bemoaning the fact I've never been and want to go quite badly, but I bet the suburbs have nothing on the cities. I love the French. I think they are adorable with their fey pointy noses and delicate hands and general compact lankiness. I speak a little francais on occasion. And I think I hate their ratty politicians who are as bad as so many of ours, but tend to crack it to the media a little more often. It's a rich history. Too bad they hate people as much as we do. And good for them for finally getting a bad rap internationally, we need company.

The thing is, from what I can gather, two boys ran into an electrical substation to escape the police who were possibly chasing them. And the Arabic speaking and predominantly Black groups living in the suburbs are blaming the cops for electrocuting these boys. ??? Did I miss something?

I personally think these are people who are so angry, they would take any excuse as a reason to riot and express their anger with an unfair country's treatment. Not that I know the full story or anything.

A good movie distributed by Jodie Foster puts a perspective on it all, Hate. Strangely familiar story, non??

~Amelie, l'étrange

3:56 PM

Sunday, November 06, 2005  
There is SOOO much happening right now, I can't even wrap my head around it. I've pretty much harried everyone in my family to get their absentee ballots in (mine was in 3 weeks ago) and to remember to vote on Tuesday. Not because I think any of the ballot props will pass, but because I want a show of FORCE against them. Not that anyone is planning to vote for any of them, but I guess if you do, that's okay too. As long as you vote. And are willing to get your ass kicked at the polls.

So don't forget about it. It's important only because it's your right to vote.

Here is a list of polling places. You can also look up specifically Sacramento County.

I read today that loads of people died in a tornado. And once again, I wonder how the Great Plains Indians avoided such messes. Or how the Seminoles weathered hurricanes. Or the Algonquins survived ice storms. Or how the pioneer women made it across the continent pregnant, in wooden wagons, bumping along oxen tracks, with buttloads of kids fighting and fussing in the back...Not that I'm trying to diminish the deaths of so many during a tragedy, but are we as a people just not tough anymore? Or is life only precious to us because we actually lose so very few? I'm not sure what I'm getting at, I certainly like to avoid noting the deaths of anyone close to me, but functionally, as a human race, are we wimpier than in the past? If so, what does that spell for our future?

Because I foresee GREAT disasters looming, and the only way to weather it is to prepare for the inevitable; become tough, strong, smart, and not too fastidious. I feel like a cassandra, and the PF thinks I'm a bit over-the-top, but I foresee economic disaster, war, famine, and more mother nature that will hit around the time we finally realize YES, oil is gone. That will mess up the planet. And then no one will care about 200 poor souls spinning out in a tornado.

Wow. This is a sad little post.

I'm going to Apple Hill now to drown myself in cider donuts.

~Amelie, "Vote or Die", La Bonne

11:10 AM

Thursday, November 03, 2005  

Wow, what the hell is going on with cable lately?

It was working perfectly last night, and then this morning it gave me the registration page.

After about 45 minutes of arguing with comcast reps in India about how we definitely have cable, have had it for ages, have not moved, and no, we are not in Fort Myers, FL, we are back online.

Or at least I am. I dunno about Cable, it may still be out to lunch.

Yesterday I missed a WCA meeting. I wonder how mad they are at me? The big event is coming up on December 4. I have been collecting donations from all over Fair Oaks and need to make my way downtown at some point. But I have no car at present.

I still don't have a car available at all times to get around, so I popped downtown yesterday in my mom's gas guzzler to meet up with an ex-coworker and show off the beanie (who promptly demanded nunus as soon as we walked into the office) and dropped off some chocolates to my chiropractor who gave me great prenatal back care (let's just say I spent 9 months fretting over my back which never gave me any trouble, and now that I'm ready to go back to work, my back is acting up again, so I guess he should consider chocolates a bribe and I gotta go back to my back doc soon.)

Things that are good this weekend:

Jarhead is coming out. This really was a great read. The film better be half as good.
Cake. I am baking a chocolate cake. Don't worry, I'm only planning on eating half.
More Apple Hill fun.
PF. It's always a party when he's around.
Beanie is smiling more and more nowadays. And she's fitting into her 3 month old clothes.

3:54 PM

Tuesday, November 01, 2005  

yes, there's nothing better than a Skelebeanie in the pink lady apple bin.

I think we will be taking another trip up to El Camino next weekend with my sister, her man, and his kids. Apples never go out of style, do they? And punkins certainly don't. So many people I know have never been to Apple Hill during apple season, but have no qualms going for xmas trees. I found out last night whilst Trick er Treating with Clan Ninja that young farmed trees give off more O2, which makes sense, and so I don't have to feel bad about their being cut down for xmas. Because I love the smell of pine and peppermints. But that's long and far away, who do I think I am, a Hallmark store? No sirree. I prefer to focus now on the loveliness that is Thanksgiving. My true favorite holiday. Why?? Because everyone, no matter what their religion, can enjoy it. I also like the colors, the idea (okay, did the Indians REALLY sit down and have some sup with the pilgrims? No clues, but Turkey is Good.) I like to say Pilgrim. I like to say Turkey. I like to put cream in a jar and shake it and make butter. I like cutting out construction paper feathers and making an indian headress. It's a good thing I finally have a kid because the two previous sentences are otherwise embarrassing.

PF said he's never been exuberant about holidays like I am. I am particularly fond of Autumnal holidays and hope to instill that in my kid. I'm all about Hallowe'en, Thanksgiving, Daylight Savings Day, and to a lesser extent, Veteran's Day. Summer is nice and all, but the little breaks and fun you get when the weather is turning are just magical. I love the leaves, I love the smell of woodsmoke and brisk air, I love the darkness and how everything is much more special when you are breathing out misty air in the cold.

Don't get me wrong, I dislike actual winter. I'm not into extreme seasons like winter and summer. That's the point. Autumn is delicate and special. It's thoughtful. It's not disarming, it's not painful, it's not overwhelming in any way shape or form. It's enchanting.

I love autumn. I'm so going to miss it when it leaves. I will be really pissed off if global warming fucks it up for autumn.

~Amelie, Always Enchanting.

3:58 PM

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