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Sunday, October 30, 2005  
Recuperating from Apple Hill.

Apple Hill is really just a growers association, but WHAT a GROWERS ASSOCIATION!!!

So much fun with Ally and the Moeses, I cannot begin to relate it all.

Things I will remember:

Apple Cider Donuts. Scrumptious. I didn't eat enough and will buy some next time.

Moe's Green Sweater.

Beanie in the Apple Bins. No one else thought of doing that with their kids?

Winesaps suddenly becoming popular after I ran lovingly towards them screaming "yes, yes, YES." It took me a little while to find them...ahem.

Z-Pies in Placerville. These are so good, we all bought 6 frozen ones to go.

I think I had so much fun just getting out and about, I woke up late this morning and almost missed my friend Kimmy dropping off candy from the country's oldes candy companie. She was thanking us for taking care of Cancer Doggy for so long while she was traveling around back east. I did not tell her about the Outrageous Dog Fight that caused a dog to die and then be revived miraculously by myself, after egging the dog on towards early demise...I'm horrid. I know it. But I saved her. Anyway. I like See's better. All these old ladies who made candies. Sheesh. My Noney made the best fudge eggs at easter and the best rum balls at Christmas. There was no beating her delicious goodies. Makes me miss her just thinking about it.


What a good Saturday.

Tonight we're seeing Goodnight and Good Luck. What a great weekend. And if you have forgotten, the weekend just gets better. Today was Fall Back day. This would mean more to me if I worked right now. Usually I'm so happy I have fits of joy. Today, I'm just in reminder mode.

~Amelie, Fallen Woman.

4:25 PM

Saturday, October 29, 2005  
Apple Hill is Today!!! Winesaps, here I come you bitches. I'm gonna eat you up.

I do not have any idea why I suddenly refer to everything yum I want to eat as "bitches", but it may have something to do with my having to avoid sugar these days. Plus, it's funnier.

I was thinking about how it always seems that I'm home watching movies on Hallowe'en. Not this year. But I REALLY hate when I go to rent something and it's either really awful or unavailable. I was thinking about scary, scary movies for Hallowe'en. We probably won't be eating Kielbasa fried in beers and red cabbage and watching scary movies this year, because we want to go Trick Or Treating with a little Kitty Cat, a Sage (who should be a hobbit baby) and a Helspeth. The two little ones won't be treating, only tricking. Um. Yeah. Anyway

But there are 12 or so good frightening to just plain creepy movies that I was considering, and they are probably available. Yes, the Ring is okay spooky wise, but do you want to be like everybody else??

1) Darkness. It's a really decent spook film about hell. Plus it's newish.
2) Event Horizon. It's a really decent Sci Fi Horror film about hell. This scared me to death during the daytime when I had a fever and the flu and was watching scary movies for some godawful stupid reason. I may just have flashbacks to being sick when I've rewatched it, but I'm nearly 100% convinced it's actually pretty damn scary.
3) Exorcist. It's a given that it's about hell and that it's the scariest one, but there's another version of Exorcist: the Beginning (prequel) called "Dominion" that I've been meaning to hunt down and watch because I saw the Beginning and it was bloody awful. The only problem that I have with the Exorcist is that it tends to make people just a little bit more religious than normal.
4) Rosemary's Baby. More devilish doings. One of the best parts is Jackie O walking in on the rape scene. It's more a conspiracy movie than a horror movie, but it's still creepy with old lady witches and whatnot...
5) The Evil Dead. Maybe not THAT scary, but there are some jumpy parts and it's creepy and funny at the same time. That's good Hallowe'en fun. Who doesn't like Bruce??
6) Something Wicked This Way Comes. Another fairly creepy film that can be watched by 12 year olds. It might even scare a few of them.
7)The Lady In White. This one gave me the chills when I was still in high school, so it's a winner. It's a little confusing though.
8) Pitch Black. Another Sci-Fi horror, but monsters and darkness instead of hell. This one is really great. Has Radha Mitchell and Vin Diesel introduces Riddick, and it's going to make you jump a few times.
9)The Fog (the original one) features the Point Reyes lighthouse and that's pretty neato. There's really nothing better than dead evil pirates, you know? Not that scary, but it's the POINT REYES LIGHTHOUSE!!
10) Darkness Falls. The little documentary in the special features is freakier than the movie, but the film is worth a watch just for the creepiness factor. It's not that scary-scary.
11) Poltergeist. This is still scary. Even though they used the dead people from Indiana Jones.
12) the House On Haunted Hill (the original). this one features a weird house (I forget who designed it, I think it was Frank Lloyd Wright, and the house is located behind the Hospital run by USC. Used to be LA County.

Honorable mentions for sheer creepiness: Vertigo, The Bogeyman, Dead Ringers, Carnival of Souls, The Reflecting Skin, Bad Taste, Heavenly Creatures, Twilight Zone the Movie (due to all the deaths involved in the making of), Alice, Sweet Alice (due to Brooke Shields getting killed as a little kid) and many more.

I'm also partial to an American Werewolf in London and Ginger Snaps.

More fun animalistic stuff: Folsom City Zoo and the Spook Train!

Boo at the Zoo
in Sacramento!!

I could probably go on and on...But I need to go to Apple Hill!!!

Happy Hallow Creepiness!!

~Amelie, Apples to Apples

11:17 AM

Friday, October 28, 2005  
The beanie is sleeping. For the first time all day. You really don't know how hard that is. Especially since every time I tried to hand her off to a gparent, she started whimpering and crying. I pretended not to hear as I downed my coffee. I pretended not to see as I ate my soup. I pretended not to feel as I watched BBC World News. Finally, I took her back and fed her some more. Poor beanie. She's my own private vampire. She even tears into my skin like a kitten. It's weird and cute and freaky and lovable. Helspeth the Vampire Beanie.

Bad things happened today. Really disturbing. Worrying and sad. Cannot talk about, but really awful. Not to our family, but to someone very generous and kind. So weird that it happened on the beanies 2 months bday.

Other things that have happened: Seamas got a haircut. I am going to Apple Hill on Saturday. Harry Potter movie is coming out. Wildlife Care Association is having a fundraiser on December 4. Harriet Meiers backed down from her appointment under pressure. I actually felt a little sorry for her. What else???

I can't think of anything too ridiculously important. We're going t&ting with the Ninjas I do believe...and as for Halloweenie things, I am totally shocked I have had this blog so long.

~Amelie is Boring and The Beanie is Asleep.

12:26 AM

Tuesday, October 25, 2005  
I plan to milk my beanie time for all it's worth, and stay away from work for as long as possible (under a doctor's supervsion, of course) but sometimes there are jobs you just gotta apply for. And I applied to one today. It's like some things are written for me. But my last interviewer really freaked me out. It was 11 days post beanie and I was very confident in my fat lady (read: maternity) clothes and he just had me going for 17 full minutes and then blew me off...sigh. But will that happen again???? I have no idea. The freakier thing is that the job I just applied for is near my old job. It's like right across XXth Street. I'd see my old freaky boss who I know too much about. I'd see my evil LA coworker who comes up to "train" people (harrass and spy on people) who probably got me fired (read: layed off. They say potato...)Can I just exclaim right here and now that: she is an ex call girl who "worked" her way up? Not that I have a problem with call girls working their way up. I'd just rather they do it instead of sleep it. She's also totallY INSANE and CREEPY and SMOKES TONS OF DOPE ALL THE TIME even when totally on the clock. Also, she's so unprofessional, I would just look around at the rolling eyebrows and wonder what she's got on them that they keep her around. I'll never know. I always wonder what dirty secrets she has on my ex-boss, way dirtier than anything I know about him, and what I know is pretty juicy and hysterical, and wonder if that's why he hasn't canned her can...I can say that now. My medical insurance coverage is secure until December 31.

Anyway. I just want to keep away from job related things for awhile. But I won't. Because why?? Because I have a Very Adorable Beanie to take care of, and I can't do that poor.

Which brings me round to my next wonderment...Greenspan is leaving??? Is he jumping ship? Or do you really think he's just retiring? I mean, he's old. Old and tired. But he ain't decrapitated. I think the NASDAQ will respond poorly to his leaving us. Not that I liked him all that much. But still. He's GREENSPAN. His name is business. Who is Bernanke and why should I like him?

And in other news, Rosa Parks died today. She was a beautiful 92. What a full life! Man. May I live as long and as fully.

The fact that someone found this blog while googling "puppy had a lot of poops and now scooting" has totally made my day.

I need a drink.

~Amelie's Got The Goods On Ya


12:23 AM

Saturday, October 22, 2005  

I am tired. I repeat, tired.

I have a teething beanie and she's been awake solid since 7 AM pretty much screaming all day for nunus, then throwing up because she's so upset, and then cranky if I try to put her down for a second. She also does cute things like stare at me and smile and coo. But try to put her down for a SECOND to take a break, you get screams that do not stop. The kind that create real tears. The kind that makes the face red and swollen. The kind that causes convulsive spasms and stiffening in the legs and loss of voice from said screaming. The kind that DOES NOT CALM DOWN. No, you can sing the Beanie Weenie song and the Out, Burpy, Out song over and over again to no avail. You can even sing conventional songs. It doesn't matter. It doesn't help.

Why am I writing about this on my normal blog? Because I cannot figure out my password for my OTHER non normal blog. The one that deals with issues of beanieness. And thusly, my dilemma ensues.

I don't know how many blogs I can keep up. This being my actual diary and all. I write things that are kind of personal and it gets people upsettish when they live with me. But I need a place to remember things. For example, what if Beanie asks me when she started getting teeth and what it was like? I can just search the blog for the answer. Not true for my mom, who looked in my own baby book and discovered she hadn't filled in the answer to said question.

I can't even be sure what is going on in world events because I keep dozing off on the sofa trying to watch the news. I don't even know my own password, for goodness sake.

I do know one thing for certain.

Here, there be tireds.

~Amelie, ACHING for a nap for pete's sake

8:45 PM

Tuesday, October 18, 2005  
We've been having weird weather lately. I know I start posts with weather issues a lot of the time, but I find the weather sets my mood. I personally am an overcast/red leaves/sweaters/OktoberfestivebeerORhotcocoa kind of gal, and these "warmish" breezy sunny early autumn days are killing my mojo. All I want is ice cold diet coke and I run around trying to find the only shorts that still fit.

We went to the Ninja's happy home on Sunday for some of Davey's meatloaf and company. I have to say, he's got the loaf down perfectly. Not that meatloaf is hard to make, but it's easy to make it bad. He's got the yum garlic/tomato flavored not dried out meatloaf that makes you wish your grandma had taken a cooking lesson from him. Thanks, Clan Ninja, we needed a night away from Fair Oaks.

I also forgot just how much I love the movie Babe. It's on my top 30. It always makes me cry when the farmer does his little jig. I love the simple chorale theme, it's not too religious and it makes me happy. I love the pig. I love the dogs. I love the duck. I want Maaaa. What is there not to like about that movie?? It's honest and lovely and I so wish kids would watch stuff like that instead of the crap that is on all day long.

I sound like an old lady complaining that kids don't know the value of a nickel. But they don't.

What is cool? I have this running bad joke with my best friend called "coolness factor countdown". How long can you be considered "cool" as in "she's a cool kid, I want to be HER pal"...and the answer is: I was once cool for 2 weeks straight and it's been eluding me ever since. But I have a sense of humor about it. Lately my coolness dearth is due to my simply being totally stupid.

For example:
I drank too much diet coke last night and it kept beanie (and consequently, PF and me) up till 5 AM. That was not cool of me.
I accidentally wore hot pink lipstick applied en route to a blood test today. That was not cool of me. But I did not know until I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror at the Qwest lab. Oi vey.

Anyway. There you go. That's just two super stupids in the course of less than 12 hours.

I cannot watch any more commentary on Harriet Miers. I think the dems and indies should just sit back and eat popcorn and watch the neocons and straight red repubs knock themselves out.

I want a tee shirt that says "Commies shoot at everything, Dems don't shoot, Repubs can't shoot, Indies don't know what to aim at and Libertarians shoot to kill." And then I will give it to PF for xmas. He'd probably think it was dumb though and then I'd be right back at the beginning on the street to uncoolville.

Jarhead is coming out soon. That was a brilliant autobiographical book by a semi local guy who grew up in Sacto, Anthony Swofford. Who went to school with this kid?? Enquiring minds want to know.

~amelie, so not cool.

11:38 AM

Thursday, October 13, 2005  
Dog is doing fine today. Cranky as ever, but I think she knows I saved her life because she let me pill her without putting up a fight this morning.

Having sugar issues. Mainly, I'm back on my low carb diet for the time being. This of course SUCKS ASS since Hallowe'en is upon us and you can't walk into a drugstore without being assaulted by the luscious smell of cheap chocolates...sigh.

Speaking of chocolate, how cool is this? Free Trade Halloween Chocolate. Probably more expensive than normal bags of treats, but it's better for the planet, non? It makes sense in a neighborhood like ours, where we get very few trickertreaters and end up chowing down ourselves. Except this year when I have to freaking AVOID my Hallowe'en yummies...sigh.

In any case, I'm still making Polska Kielbasa and red cabbage for dinner, and bratwursts fried in beer.

I highly recommend Hillshire Farms PK and smoked sausage, and they have a beef version I'm going to try out this year (even though I'm now eating of the pork regularly these days. Sigh.)

And this is how you make red cabbage the Eastern Euro way:

1 head of red cabbage sliced fairly thinly
2 tbsp brown sugar
1 tbsp unsalted butter
1/2 tsp sea salt
2 tbsp apple cider vinegar
1 stick of cinnamon (optional)
1/2 cup of water

Put it all in a decent sized pot. Stir it up a few times while it's cooking.
Take the cinnamon stick out (if you used it) after about 20 minutes of cooking. Cook on low heat for about an hour but not much longer or the cabbage turns to sludge. It cooks down to a slippery stew of shreddy red goodness. This should be tangy and sour and sweet all at once. A veritable cornucopia of yum. I have no idea why this is so delicious, but no one has ever hated it.
And it's relatively easy for the cooking impaired.

Or you know. Buy a couple of jars of it from Safeway, empty it all into a pot, simmer with your PK and pretend you made it yourself. I'm not above that too on the lazier days.

Bratwurst in beerses is easy. Buy some good stuff from Moran's or from that place on the public market in old Sactown. Fry it in german lager in a pan. keep pouring beer over it until your beer is gone. Drink another beer while you are waiting for it to cook. Serve it up on crusty bread rolls with german mustard and/or doused with red cabbage yumminess. I actually eat it plain. Sigh.

Has anyone tried the Bluemoon Pumpkin Beer? I'm too scared to. Is it good??? it's made by Coors and readily available in any Albertson's...there are others, though. I sniffed it. It smells pretty benign. I'd probably want more spice, but I'd have to gather up my courage to actually try it I s'pose.

~Amelie the October Fester

1:07 PM

Wednesday, October 12, 2005  
It's about to get cold and wet here in Northern California. But that will be a relief for me; I'm so tired of this hot mugginess, I don't even go out to enjoy the late afternoon delta breezes.

About 15 minutes ago I had to give rescue breaths and chest compressions to an old dog. My mom's dog, Molly, has a heart condition AND a cranky old bitch problem. She attacked the dog I'm dogsitting (another old dog with cancer who is mainly a sweet old slug) and when I pulled her off, she was still attached to the cancer dog BY THE EYELIDS. I kid you not, Molly was ripping the old gal's face right off. So, I pulled her mouth apart and off the cancer dog's face and cursed her. I guess I've got a powerful curse come October, so stay away from my mouth. Basically, I said "I hope you have a heart attack and die, you old bitch." And then I checked cancer dog, who looks okay (saggy skin and old golden retriever fur saves the day I think) Meanwhile, my mom, who is shocked and waiting for her cardiac dog to have a heart attack right in front of us starts falling to the floor crying. Of course, dog is having a heart attack and dying right there because of me and my mean curse. And I repeat "Die, die die." Which is not in my nature, of course. I never do that. I was so mad that she attacked ol' cancer girl that I was really not in my right mind.

Sigh. And the dog died right in front of us.

So I got down on my hands and knees, checked the dog for a heartbeat, nothing, gave two rescue breaths, and 5 chest compressions sideways right on her heart, and the heart started beating. I gave her two more rescue breaths and she came to. Jeebus. I was afraid my mom was going to attack me if the dog didn't come round.
Molly the old bitch is now walking around wondering what happened to her rawhide.

I'm staying out of my mom's way until she calms down and forgives me, seeing as how I saved the dog and all.

And if you're interested, I have not taken CPR certification classes in a long time, but recently took a childcare safety class that incorporated it. You basically rescue breathe through the nose on a dog, just like a little baby. Anyway, it worked. Scary though. Yeah, I still feel horrible about it. PF, call and tell me I'm still a nice person please.

~Amelie, who needs to find a new place to live before her mom kills her.

5:55 PM

Sunday, October 09, 2005  
It's getting to be that time again, and I do mean Autumn. The leaves are falling; the kids are getting excited about Halloween; Thanksgiving is around the corner; and you know it's official when you've already seen some Christmas stuff up in the stores. That's right. Fall is fell.

Which means my annual "Haunted October" post is due.

So I will jump right in. Since really, All Hallow's Eve is about ghosts, not witches, not goblins, not mummies, not scary serial killers, not costumes and trickertreating (although, hello, that's my favorite part of it) and all the other nutty things people think Hallowe'en is. The entire month of October is spooky and wonderful. And it should end on a good spooky note.

Things to do in Sacto when it's haunted:

The Governor's Mansion Tour (Itallianate and Haunted)
Leland Stanford's place is haunted as well.

The obviously haunted and spookiest house in Sacramento: 22nd and H (this house is still furnished, but for what reason? The owners won't say. Or stay.)

The Psychic Graveyard Tour of the Old City Cemetery (this can be interesting, there are some neat old stories.)

the Donner Party campground at Alder Creek(Okay, not in Sacto, but hello, you have cars.)

CSUS psych hall basements, i.e., the old sleep labs from the 1970s.

And after a visit to Apple Hill for some yum apples, hit Coloma's Vineyard House.

Fun stuff from SN&R

Basically, Sacramento and surround are chock full of spooks. There's one in Sutter Creek who exposes himself to folks in the inn office. There are dead miners, saloon brawlers, various and sundry denizens of the dark, and more, visiting every part of the area. While California is newly settled compared to other states, we've got lively and colorful deadfolk who came here from all over. It's no surprise to me they like to make themselves known to people.
Here's a lovely little linkadoo with brief explanations.

here are some previous Halloweeny posts from me:

October 31, 2003

Local Ghost Story #1 2004

Local Ghost Story #2 2004

~Amelie, Getting Drearier Every Day, Yay.

4:12 PM

Thursday, October 06, 2005  
Last night I treated Ally to Olive Garden because she's so adorable. They were one of the restaurants involved in Dine For America. Despite the fact that we sat next to an obnoxious Eastern Euro Trash guy who was super mean to our waitress (Ally was more offended than I mainly because I was not paying as much attention until afterwards when we realized we were parked by him and he was watching us load Beanie back into the car and tossed his cigarette towards our car, hitting his own, what an idiot.) I have to say, that All-You-Can-Eat Pasta and Sauce for 7.95 plus all you can stomach salad is a GREAT deal. 100% of their profits went to the Katrina/Red Cross fund. Neato, non? The waitress was actually awesome and very excited we'd come out for specifically that reason since most of her customers weren't even clued in. "Yeah. We came to the restaurant we can afford. Where's that pasta special?" So maybe I'm obnoxious too. It was yum. I love pepperoncinis and red onions in my salad.

Today I was eating toast, thinking about getting ready to get out of here, and watching Willy Wonka (the REAL one). I realized that I've always wondered one thing: how do the grandparents go to the bathroom? For some reason, I was really paying attention this time around. Do you know? Answer is under Grandpa George's side of the bed. Still. This is how my brain occupies itself during movies where you are supposed to suspend disbelief "How do they poo?" I know this offends everyone else on the planet, but I think, and I know this is a common opinion of most people who know me anyway, that I am obsessed with bathrooms and poo and toiletting and all things netherly hygienic. WHY IS THIS??? I know I'm the daughter of a surgeon and a nurse, but it's kind of ridiculous. I wash my hands a certain way and have done it that way since I was 10 and found out most people eat poo. Little bits of it. Because we touch doorknobs with bare hands when leaving the freshly pooed in public bathrooms and 90% of the population at the time I started doing my freaky handwashing OCD thing was not washing properly. I also have strong opinions about paper toilet covers, don't get me started. WHY IS THAT??? I have no idea. Anyway. The grandparents can poo. I now know the answer to my lifelong Wonka question.

I am a member of Freecycling.org here in Sacto. I recently posted something for a friend so she doesn't have to drag it to the dump. I love this group and peruse it weekly for goods. It's as good if not better than craigslist, because no one is selling a thing. But there are more online programs to take advantage of, and wouldn't you know it, I found them in Woman's Day while I was ahem, on the potty (which is a privilege these days. It's hard to get to the potty thanks to beanie, who screams violently and makes herself sick if I'm gone for more than a minute.) So, here are some more goodies:
www.gardenweb.com = swapping of seeds, garden plans, etc.
www.paperbackswap.com = swapping of well, books.
www.swaphandmedowns.com = this is akin to what grrls do in high school and our moms yelled at us for losing track of stuff
www.swapthing.com = barter site
www.homelink.com = this is the best. Swap out your house with another family anywhere on the planet for vacation time. HOW RAD IS THAT??? I know.

I know. The Economides would be so proud of me.

~Amelie Loves The Internut

1:11 PM

Monday, October 03, 2005  
gmail is down.


Ack Ack Ack!

I'd rather have ANYTHING else down (excluding my own internut access) than to have my email shut down for whoknowshowlongthesejerkswilltake just like that.

Beanie is over 9 lbs now. She has sucked the fat right off my bones. But you can't tell. That's the craziest part of it. You can't tell I'm skinnier. Granted, I ain't Hilary Duff, but c'mon. You'd think I'd have SOMETHING to show for being attached to a human vacuum cleaner. My parentals have taken themselves off to Minneapolis. (G)odd knows why. In any case, I have free run of the house for a week. This would be HEAVEN for a 15 yr old with no inhibitions, but I'm 34, boondoggled with a nunueater, and all I see when I look at this house is "I need to clean this and that and this and do this laundry and wipe that counter and organize that box of crud and move this out of the hallway so no one kills themself", not "Partay". Partay was how I felt when I didn't have friends. Now, I'm just embarrassed enough to not have anyone over to meet beanie. Rather, I'd rather clean the house and risk getting yelled at later by returned senior aged parentals who want to know where their junk mail disappeared to. Sigh. The worst part of this paragraph is that I'm 34.

The WCA recognition dinner was yesterday, not Saturday. Thank goodness I didn't try to go on Saturday, you know? I received a candle, a nice little commemorative button, and a diploma sized thank you card. Dinner was good, lots of salads and good vegetable dishes for veggie persons (bbq chicken for meat lovers). I practically dove headfirst into the potato salad, it was that good. I can't make potato salad. For what it's worth, I can't make rice-a-roni either. I can't make the easy things from boxes or the obvious things like potato salad (add mayo, stir). I can only make things that are harder and I don't know why that is. I have never, for instance, gotten box mac n cheese sauce to "thicken". I burn popcorn. Yet give me some pasta, garlic, cheese, eggs, and flour, and I will bake you the yummest macaroni and cheese there ever was. Give me popcorn kernels and butter and a pan and a cover, I will POP the best popcorn you ever tasted. Swear to god. But I cannot make potato salad. Sigh. Anyway, the reason I say this is because we were supposed to go on some site and vote for 'best chef' because the guy who made the food last night is some famous chef (and I dunno why he made tabouli salad, green salad, potato salad and rice with veggies to show off his repertoire, but he did) and I wanted to vote for Best Potato Salad I've Ever Had Ever. However, I don't remember the site.

This is because I am drained of everything important lately.

Oh yeah. Harriet Miers got nominated for O'Connor's spot. Thing one to tip people off she might not be a good candidate: She said on record that the president was the smartest person she had ever met.
Well, the End Of Days may just be nearer than anyone ever thought.

That should be on a Tee shirt.

~Amelie, Republicannibally Yours

2:53 PM

Saturday, October 01, 2005  
Happily, Lisa Ninja started a McBlog. And Natalie's got a new one too. I was seriously missing her lists of things. I hope she doesn't erase it. Thanks, Dave Ninja for the Head's up in Ninja Land. And uh, did you ever post that pic of the beanie with Sage?

~Amelie Blogorific

12:05 AM

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