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Friday, September 30, 2005  
I am a big sweaty milky mess of a woman. I don't know where today went, but it started around 9 with coffee, and was a blur of nothing in between, and now I'm tired again. How, how, how?? Nevermind the week. It's gone as well.

Tomorrow is the Wildlife Care Association's volunteer appreciation dinner and not only did I RSVP for me and the PF who probably won't be there, but I lost the invite, so I'm scrabbling around on the internut trying to figure out where I am going to be tomorrow. If you know, email me.

I watched Lost on Wednesday, the highlight of my week (that, my friends, is noteworthily depressing), and I thought "there has never yet been an episode so uniquely unsatisfying", and I'm able to say that because between Sunday and Monday of this past week my mom and I watched all of season uno. How is it that they were able to run an episode where everything is answered without an actual answer??? And they replayed crap from last week as if to fill in gaps? And no one got eaten by that gimoungous megalodon of a shark??? Severely underachieving in my TV guide.

At least I haven't had an exciting week. It's been mostly sleeping and eating and trying to stay hydrated. It's too hot for Autumn. Fall fell and then rolled away and left summer sneakily ready to pounce again. Which it did, with, I might add, an unreasonable amount of vengeance. Southern California is aflame and Northern California is just miserably sweaty.

And we are out of cold soda. sigh.

~Amelie, Nunuliciously Delightful

6:58 PM

Monday, September 26, 2005  
Yesterday was hilarious fun. A bunch of Sactown's Loveliest Folks piled into my mom's Volvo for a tour of Scavenger Huntingness on account of the Sostroms are leaving us all for Gainesville. Don't ask why. Okay, Ask Away, but they ain't tellin. I think it has something to do with profitable real estate and family values, but that's just what I've gleaned psychically. Anyway, it was hilarious fun. Shared yum Nationwide Burger with Chris O (Okay, I ate most of it), ran around looking for scavenger hunt items left and right, and then watched Alice dance like a maniac on the floor. Or technically, in the south parking lot behind the Spaghetti Factory. That girl can dance for real, but she will crack you up with her impression of Napoleon Dynamite. She kicked Matt Hull's and Dan Sostrom's Liger ASSES. Gawd. Fun with a capital letter.

So today I had to have mellow. I wanted to go outside and play by the pool in the sun with my beanie, but my mom bought the entire first season of LOST. So we've been watching it. All day long. I had to take a break during disc 5.

PF is sleeping already. He's been fishing since 2 AM.

Beanie is dressed like the princess she is and needs a bath horribly. Sweaty infants with weird noodle pasta things stuck in their hair is not pleasant, but it's still cute as can be.

Seamas is sleeping under my feet.

I had a glass of wine.

Yay me.

I cannot believe I've been sucked into the fandom of the LOST.




12:09 AM

Monday, September 19, 2005  
Last night I was freed from the need to sleep. This is due to coffee and advance preparation. I napped a few times during the day (more like passed out on my feet) and I did eventually get to sleep for a few hours when it was actually dark out, but only because I woke up the PF and asked him to do a few vital things for me while I was otherwise occupied with a beanie.

Beanies take a lot of work. And if you are the main worker, they expect a lot from you without giving a lot of love in return. Mainly I am The One With The Nunus. And that is my main role. I am also The One With The Soft Cuddly Chest, so I get cuddled against and am not allowed to move. Everyone else can hold a beanie with no complaint if she is awake. I, however, must shove a nunu in her mouth. I don't mind so much. It's the forever kind of fun. But I would love to be the One Who Is Slept On Pleasantly And Without Complaint.

I made two pound cakes today. I have no idea why. I used my Fake Twinkie recipe, but it's better as cupcakes than pound cakes. I still ate two pieces.

Tonight we are going to Buca Di Beppos for some cheapola yum and then to a movie. Nice, non? I live a nice life sometimes.

~Amelie, Nicely Lived

6:15 PM

Friday, September 16, 2005  
I am typing one handed. it is harder htani tlooks. this is because my left arm in occupied iwth a beanie.

funny stuff:

"Stuff On My Cat" you will die laughing. Pile stuff onto your sleeping cat and take photos. Who knew it was amusing?

The Loved One it's by evelyn waugh and is directed by Rod Steiger. First I thought it wasannoying. then I got into it and laughed my ass off. You will die laughing. That is the entire point of it.

Funniest thing I've heard someone say this week: "If you KEEP throwing SAND at the CHICKENS, they will BITE YOU IN THE FACE."

Mosquitoes are out again. So much for all that spraying of crud in the air.

~Amelie The One Handed

12:47 AM

Sunday, September 11, 2005  
I've been watching too much geek tv. G4 has a show called Call For Help that my dad watches, and therefore, I watch as well.
Nevertheless, they have good stuff. Like the following:
Here's a fun, fun link. Send him an idea, and in his spare time he creates a song for you to download. Naturally, if you pay for it, it's probably a guarantee you'll get it... I even like the URL: www.songstowearpantsto.com how cute is that? Cute. I know.
It made me happy. There is a funny song about cheese in a hotdog bun. This one is about a dog and watching animal planet. This guy's from Toronto. Of course.

I also have this sling. It's making life easy. It's making life nice. I have tried out a few different carrier type things, and most of them are easy. This one is the easiest peasiest of all. It will probably wear out unless my back or someone very small and portable complains too much.

What else happened today?

Oh yeah. Fall fell. This is probably the BIGGEST reason I am happy. Fall. Autumn. Hurrah. Finally, sheesh.

Tonight: Del Taco and The Constant Gardener. What a life!

~Amelie, Sleepwalking Through The Land Of Nunu

6:44 PM

Friday, September 09, 2005  
"Good Job, Brownie!"

Well, Michael Brown is outta there. While there may be some fire in the smoky republican bashings of the NO mayor and LA guvner, there's much more blame to be found in the remnants of ye olde FEMA and Chertoffsville. Once known as THE program of choice during hurricane season, now that it's enveloped (almost wrote evilluped)into the Dept of Homeland Security, FEMA is basically a shadow of it's former self. And it's shelf life is dated. So, Brownie, looks like you done fuckled up enough to get yerself booted. Sort of.

It's all very confusing to me. I nearly feel like the hurricane hit so that the media would get off the back of poor Scott McClellan who is always trying to explain why Rove is NOT fired yet...and why Bin Ladin is still "at large".

Anyway. I had a bacon and avocado sandwich for lunch. Do you have any idea how good that is?

~Amelie, Bacon Galore

2:15 PM

Well, the job interview was depressingly nada. I went in, was as interesting as I could be, had the man ask me about myself, my schooling, my interests, what I wanted to do as a career, what my vision was for the program, and then he interrupted me at 17.5 minutes in and said "I have to say, I'm sorry that you wasted your time and came in here, because you are NOT what I am looking for." Or something equally as blunt. And then he added that he thought my resume was MOST interesting and that's why he called me in, and then he said what he was REALLY looking for was someone with a LOT more experience in "health research" (as in health econometrix, as in number crunching and acronym interpretation.) and I said "oh. That ain't me. I'm a policy grrl." But what I SHOULD have said was "where the hell was THAT in the job descriptions? Because there was a long one and a short one and I'm pretty fucking positive you said 'program development and 3 years of HEALTH POLICY and LEGISLATIVE experience" in both of them." Now, my background is non profit program development, but I've done it all in health advocacy and support, with lots of consulting for local and state policymaking. I've recently ended a horrible job as a communications director for a different type of non-profit, where I honed my fundraising and development skills mostly, and made tons of connections and did loads of research for different legislation. Here I thought that's what he meant by "health and legislation experience." But nope. He eventually made some inane comment about how you could "learn policy, but not this. You have to be trained in this." Which is what I thought "learning" was. And he shot off two acronyms: DSH and CMU, which sound ever so official. As if to get me to "spark up" at the aforementioned letters and smile knowingly, as if I'd heard them before and didn't need to actually learn them. As if they were too hard to learn. And then he admitted he'd never been trained in it, but had been doing it for years. Ahem.

He then invited me to dinner. Yup. Dinners that his program would eventually "host" for people like me, "bright people", who could get together and discuss issues. A. Hem.

I only cried when I called my mom and described, in my words, the World's Shortest Interview, and she said something about the guy being a jerk who had issues with blond women and who was probably jilted by one at some point in his pathetic love life career. Which both weirded me out and comforted me at the same time. Honestly? I actually appreciated his honesty, since I really hate going to interviews where I'm obviously not wanted, and they let me sit there for an hour trying to sell myself. PF took me to Takas for Tempuraed Asparagus and Oyster Mushrooms. I highly recommend. Don't get much else there, it's all about the miso and the tempura and agedashi tofu. Go to Nishiki for sushi, but not for their regular dinners. Anyway.

I've been getting much better in interviews. The last one before this was a 2 person panel with 3 questions and I only missed the boat because of my big, rotundity in the midsection, and I had full knowledge that even though they don't SAY things like "hey, you are HUGE", they weren't about to hire me. Now that I'm normal sized again, I have a better chance of landing a goody. So I ain't too worried.

Still, that would have been an awesome job if I had the skillset he needed. Of course, who knows. Maybe I would have hated him. I ended up hating my last boss. I hated him for ethical and moral reasons, not so much because he was a bad boss. It took me awhile before I hated him, but there you go. There you go.

Everything else in my life is okay. I got four hours of sleep today. That's like a record in my world nowadays.

~Amelie, Insomnia Record Holder in Nunudom

2:13 AM

Tuesday, September 06, 2005  
I have a job interview tomorrow for the most perfect job ever. For me, anyway. Oh man. Fingers and Toes is CROSSED.

On my horizon: moving out of my parent's house by november 1, possibly buying a hybrid car by december 1, getting new job by oct 19.


I was totally impressed by the celebs in NO that were profiled today. Harry Connick Jr. is a doll and a half.

Sacramento is taking in 300 people from the city. That ain't much, but it's more than the State of Nevada, sheesh.

Sri Lanka, still reeling from the Tsunami, pledged $25,000 in aid to the US. That's a little depressingly sweet, don't you think? In an odd and ironic way?

I hear the beanie.


~Amelie, "she of the land of nunu"

9:48 PM

Sunday, September 04, 2005  
Scarier stuff via Dave and RLMaria

You know what bugged me? When GWB kept saying "the people in this part of the world" like Louisiana and Mississippi is just part of a foreign country or something.

It IS an apocalypse. Those poor people...

On a good note, LNZ noted that Craigslist and MoveON had lists of homes open for people to access (but, of course, how would folks without power know that sort of thing?) and I commented that it's a sad day when FREE sites like Craigslist are beyond the scope of FEMA for god's sake. And guess what? Today I saw that people are being bussed out of NO to TexASS for assignment to homes as far away as Minnesota and California. That warmed the cockles a little. Still, it took a fucking LONG time for them to get their shit together and allow people to open their homes to these families. This is our NATION. It's still hitting me that there is an entire city wiped into oblivion. It reminds me of that amazing Paul Auster book, In The Country Of Last Things.

There is nothing in our history like this event. Nothing. Because we are a relatively young country. And things like this do NOT happen, do they??

They do.

~Amelie, Last Thing.

9:18 PM

Saturday, September 03, 2005  
Rehnquist just died. He was conservative, but we knew him...strangely, I'm sad he's gone. I have no idea why. Maybe because this is an insane week?

...crazier days are ahead.

~Absolut Amelie

At least this is happy making though...cute cute.

10:34 PM

Yesterday, 12 minutes ago, it was my birthday. Actually, it was at 11:35 PM yesterday, so I'm officially about 34 years and 47 minutes old.

It was a nice day, wasn't it?

Gentle. I needed gentle, since my week was ROUGH. Lemme tell you. New little beanies are not so hard to take care of, but you want to stay awake every minute in case you miss something. And they need to eat all the time. Plus the fact that your nethers are shredded and it hurts to walk. That also takes some getting used to.

Everything is good. I'm still tired. I'm online again after a stint away and it's weird to realize how much I missed out on.

For example, I had no idea the damage in New Orleans was so bad. I think it went in one ear and out the other. Until I saw a dead 7 week old baby being carried in it's mother's arms and it took about 15 seconds to click that I was not looking at a developing nation. I was looking at The Big Easy and it didn't look easy and I started crying and couldn't stop. Mein gott. I cannot express how horrified I am by this development, and just yesterday I literally had NO comprehension as to how big a tragedy this actually was. I mean, I have been busy and whatnot, but still. I could have watched the news once or twice. But when I do now, it scares the crap out of me. I am literally too afraid to watch tv. But then, I'm terrified to take a crap lately, so my current phobic behaviors about things are no hugely disasters.

Still. I don't pray. And yesterday I said an actual prayer. I dunno who it went out to, but I hope someone was listening.

I'm going to go to bed now and have horrible sad dreams about cajuns starving/dying in their attics.

This week has been just one big kick in the head after another, mixed with the most amazing happy things I cannot describe them.

Why is that?

What time is it?

~Amelie, Aka The Nunu Lady.

12:12 AM

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