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Friday, November 26, 2004  
I am at my aunt's house in Huntington Beach. It's been absolutely beautiful here. I brought my sleeping bag and my D-lux backpacking mattress to sleep on the floor and it's been perfect on my back.

Good news: migraine has completely cleared as of today. I also found out I like playing Scattergories, Scene It, and Thinkblot.
My aunt stuffed the turkey with orange slices, lemon slices and chunked up onions, and the damn thing tastes amazing. It's permeated with the citrus oils and the onion bouquet. I couldn't stop eating it. My cousins both have fiancees. One made creamed corn FROM SCRATCH. The recipe was called "Gulliver's Corn" and it was so delicious. The other one made a super yum cranberry/banana/orange/pineapple/cream creation. She called it cranberry blop. It was also amazingly yum. I made bruschetta and stuffed mushrooms and tapenade, needless to say, I forgot the crab in the stuffed mushrooms and the tapenade sucked ass. But the bruschetta, well, that was pretty damn yum. We basically ate too much and then played a bunch of goofy games. I ended the night with CSI: Las Vegas on TiVO, which I now must have. I forgot how nice it is to have cable and I just loved it.

Today, I say Finding Neverland. Depp is wonderful. Winslet is also pretty great. It was a beautiful, sad story, and even my dad cried. I recommend it mightily. I also looked it up later. There was a lot of revisionist history, but if they didn't do it, it would have been a REALLY long movie. Barrie is my new favorite playwright. He just displaced Mamet.
I also went to HB main street. Not much there, I have to say. Although there is this older Latina woman who is selling homemade baby clothes in Hawaiian beach prints. Soooo cute, I bought a bonnet and matching bib for my friend Pam who I am supposed to see tomorrow (actually for her baby, named Lizzy, born in June.) I guess the craft fair is every Friday on the pier here. Beach was beautiful. The Starbucks was dirty and nasty though. It's the filthiest Starbucks I've ever been in, and for some embarrassing reason (caffeine), I've been inside quite a few. Never was one more disgusting. It was almost as bad as the public toilet, but not quite.

Later, my cousins wanted Hawaiian BBQ. We went to Aloha BBQ. I was expecting a sit down place, but it was fast food pseudojapanese. It was also not good, but I had the salad. I should have stayed home and had more turkey.

I finished up my Friday with more games, and have had a really good time overall. Relaxing and laziness.

I miss my dog, and the PF though. Had I brought them, life would be perfect.

There is a pug puppy here named Tonka. I think we love each other. When he sees me, he runs to my arms dragging his toy puppy, and squealing contentedly while he tries to lick everything on my face. He also steals my pj bottoms and drags them into the dining room where he snorts around in them happily. That's a little embarrassing, but it made me get all teary eyed because it's so obnoxiously cute.


I love everything about it.

~Amelie, who did not shop today because she's CrAzY like that.

Oh, and for the people who found me looking for these things:

GREEN PEE is generally caused by black food dye.

and if you are ALLERGIC TO LATEX, and many people are, you are looking for POLYURETHANE CONDOMS. Trojan makes some goodies. They are more expensive but they may actually be thinner and stronger, so enjoy.

Much love,

11:39 PM

Wednesday, November 24, 2004  
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. It's my favorite nationally celebrated holiday. The reason I love it so much is not because puritanicals sat down for a meal with the red men back east, nope. The more I know about the Algonquin and Iriquois tribes, the more I doubt it was as friendly as everyone wants us to believe. It was probably pretty uncomfortable, actually. However, the "essence" of Thanks Giving, the tradition, no matter how it's celebrated, is beautiful. So you don't have to eat a turkey. But you sit and enjoy company and talk and candles are lit and people share food and stories. I love it so much, just thinking about it makes me cry.

Things I hate about people who don't get Thanksgiving:
1) thanksgiving is not about TV football games
2) thanksgiving is not a "paper and plastic" meal
3) thanksgiving is not about pre-prepared foods (unless you are at a restaurant with your chosen group/family/friends, I think that's fine)
4) thanksgiving is NOT about ordering pizza and eating alone while watching reruns, you are not allowed to be an agoraphobic misanthrope on TG.
5) TG is not about anticipating pre-xmas sales at the mall.

Thanksgiving is about family and friends, sharing, companionship, autumn. It's about home, wherever you choose to make it. It's about visiting and being with people you absolutely adore.

People who get TG:
1) Two Rivers Cider and the people who put on the annual Thanksgiving Appetite Enhancement ride in Sacto every TG morning. They get it. Organize a celebration of Fun and Special. Auction off art to buy little kids bikes for xmas. Enjoy the crisp morning air. Imbibe and be silly. Ride bikes into the river nekkid. Go home, eat turkey, pass out. Be wonderful.
2) My mom. No matter what her shortfalls may be, she has Annual Thanksgiving Tableware. It is antique bone china with pheasants and quail glazed on it. She also has heavy sterling silverware that is brought out during the holidays. Everything we eat on TG when it's cooked in her house is homemade and served on this special stuff. She also buys orange and yellow harvest colored candles and we eat by candle light. Dinner takes 2 hours to get through because we talk so much. I love this. I don't always love to spend time with my fam, but TG is the one time I can always make an exception no matter who I'm totally irritated with.
3) families who make a point to do something special on TG. Like serving dinner to the poor or delivering food to home bound seniors. I especially like it when I find out these folks also donate their time and energy year- round.

Anyway. I love Thanksgiving. I love it so much. And that's why I'm dreading it this year.

This year, my fam has decided to travel down to Lala land to visit my dad's family (sister and parents, and my cousins) because my gparents are not doing so hot (in their mid-80s) and we want to get as much quality time with them as possible. I'm fine with all that.

I'm not fine with getting a migraine and some crazy illness on Monday that gave me hideous bowel problems and sinus issues. I'm not fine with going to my doctor and being given a fecal test that requires a special diet and 3 days of collection for parasites (fuck that! I'll wait till after TG and suffer until then). She also gave me blood pressure medication (apparently, I'm seriously stressed and running 145/90 the last 3 doctor visits since September, so that's enough freaky high blood pressure action for them to require me to now be on betablockers at age 33. Whoopee!) I'm not keen on driving to LA on sleep-inducing beta blockers and with upset bowels. Not to mention my higher doses of max alt aren't doing the trick with my migraine.
I went initially to be assessed for back problems, which we skipped in lieu of assessing me for influenza which she thinks I don't have after all. Just stress, parasites or IBS and migraines. Fucktastic!

I am also at work bc I was guilted into being here all 3 days by one of my coworkers who came up from LA and started every meeting 3-4 hours later than she originally planned . This means that every day I meant to leave early was crushed by her agenda, and everything I had planned to do was superceded by her lateness, and I had cleared my schedule for her. I hate that. The good part is, what she had to say was very interesting and I didn't mind the actual meeting. I minded being held hostage later than I wanted, though. What I want to do more than anything else is sleep, but I can't even sleep very well. So I'm here at work, sickly, whiny, and in pain, and thoroughly dreading my 5.5 hour drive. It will probably take me even longer with my luck and weather and crowds-a-traveling-too. I don't even get to take the PF or Seamas with me to keep me company because there will be too many people for the dog and PF has to work Friday.

What if I actually have the flu? And give it to my sickly nana? And she dies? I will be so miserable, it makes me have stressed bowels and runny nose issues just thinking about it...

I will simply decide to not think about it. Much. It will ruin my TG if I am a negative electron on my favorite holiday.

On the upnote, my late meeting coworker just promised to bring me an autographed CD of Tom Wait's latest album, Real Gone, because she is pals with his manager. That makes me feel slightly better...

~Thankfully Yours, Amelie.

10:17 AM

Friday, November 19, 2004  
2 things I have already done wrong this morning (besides having suddenly realized I'd had multiples posts of this post, ugh.):

Let the dogs in and then tried to crawl back into bed. Only to find that they, and their muddy little feet, had already been there about 30 seconds before me. So, instead of crawling in, I spent the next 20 minutes stripping the bed of all mud bearing bedclothes. I now have a depressingly nekkid bed and a closed door policy in the the mornings future.

After staring sullenly at Ashanti on the TV for what felt like the entire next hour of my life (because I still resolutely refuse to watch KOVR/Sinclair Broadcasting) (Ashanti lipsynchs I think; I also think her "gals" dance like spazzes to make her look even better. I did not know a thing about Ashanti until I saw her on this morning's dismal Good Morning America broadcast) and eating expired oatmeal, I trudged off to the shower. I managed to do all of that okay, it was applying my work makeup in front of a steamed up mirror that managed to let me leave without looking. I noticed my nose in the window on the light rail. I pretended I hadn't noticed. I got to work walking quickly. Orange all over. Very. Thank you very much. I promise I will try not to run so late/be so hurried ever again.

2 things I have done right this week:
I bought some good wine. I think I will be enjoying it from now until forever, it's that good. It's my new favorite Merlot, and I thought I was over Merlots. My favorite part is the label, until you crack it and start drinking. A California Central Coast wine. Unfortunately, their website is a PDF active page. Ugh. But if you can handle it, you will know what to buy in bulk at Beverages and More for $6.99/bottle (a STEAL I say), they have it in the stores in cases. Take it with you to Thanksgiving dinner and surprise everyone with your very good taste. And make sure to read the back of the label, because I loved the story of the 47 lbs circus* freak rooster named HRM.

The other thing I did right:
This week I bought a beautiful pendant from Monk's Place Jewelry, 916-443-5152. 1105 L St. Sacramento, CA 95814. I'll have to take a photo of the necklace. It's a little tanzanite gem centered in a 14k gold hollowed out half dome. It's original, delicate, pretty, and it was 50% off. I bet there's a ring or orther goodie there for some lucky person. The owner, Mark Priest, is retiring on December 24, 2004, so everything is cut rate priced and lots of original designs. Neat, non? Pretty.

~The One and Only, Amelie

*However, this should not be confused with me actuallyl liking circuses. Because I hate them.

10:44 AM

Thursday, November 18, 2004  
wouldn't it be a hoot if they arrested him at the border?

3:57 PM

This here quiz I scammed off Margaret, who is a teacher and a mom and a misanthrope all-in-one. I would probably have a blog if I were a teacher and/or a mom, just so I can record the silliness of my students/family.

I'm terza rima, and I talk and smile.
Where others lock their rhymes and thoughts away
I let mine out, and chatter all the while.

I'm rarely on my own - a wasted day
Is any day that's spent without a friend,
With nothing much to do or hear or say.

I like to be with people, and depend
On company for being entertained;
Which seems a good solution, in the end.
What Poetry Form Are You?

I personally actually do like time alone, I'm not all that smiley, but I do tend to chatter.

Erica called from her vet hospital to ask me to look up a ridiculous book called "The Day My Butt Went Psycho" for her coworker. Apparently, this book is all the rage in the ages 6-10 year old boy set. I personally cracked up just reading the description. It's like the reviewer had trouble keeping his/her thoughts on paper because they were laughing so hard at words like "buttcano". Excerpt from review: "and goes on a long, wild chase involving cluster butts, buttcatchers, kamikaze butts, stinkants, and even the fearsome Stenchgantor, "the Great Unwiped Butt." (And that's not even counting all those seagoing butt piranhas and poopoises.)"
I have to say, I'd probably buy this book. I'd follow it up with the apparent sequel, Zombie Butts From Uranus. This made me happy.

Then this made me depressed again. 'parently, in SOME states of the union, the new definition of a family excludes anyone who never got married and has kids anyway. So you're not a family if you are a single mom, lesbian mom, or mom who can't afford to order her proof of divorce paperwork. Good to know. At least you are still a mom with kids, even if you're not a family.

Good news: Sister does not have lymphoma. Still possible Sarcoidosis.

Wary news: They are currently checking her for TB.


1:14 PM

Monday, November 15, 2004  
Kofi the Dog
He's a very sweet boy.

Also, this is a funny, if meanspirited, site.

4:16 PM

Things that are good: Philosophy's Baby Grace. It's perfume that says it smells like babies for women who want to "smell like babies", but really it just smells fresh and clean and linden-floweresque, and personally, I think women want to smell more like fresh and clean and linden-flowery than like actual babies. Babies will always smell like powder and pee and dreft and baby shampoo to me, and I think that's dandy and sweet. For babies. I wouldn't want to make a perfume for women like that, but apparently Philosophy thinks it has. Good thing they are wrong and it just smells good and womanly and perfect for work. It might be better for springtime, but I've been wearing it since November 2 when all hell broke loose. Again, it's very gentle and soothing.

Congratulations to Dani K and Lisa B, both expecting babies next summer (speaking of babies and whatnot.) Babies are everywhere this year. That's probably a good thing. I'm starting to think that every liberal needs to have at least one to replace themselves at the polls.

Bullet is doing G-r-r-reat! She causes a morning ruckus and rouses all the dogs in the house for potty time. Her baby bark, by the way, is hilarious. She has also learned to fetch. 3 legged puppies are as cute as the 4 legged kinds.

I may be making tee shirts that say "Soylent Red" and "Republicannibal" soon, so be watching for links if you want one.

Not so good news: My little sister just found out she's got a pretty good chance of either having a lymphoma or a strange autoimmune disease called Sarcoidosis. Her legs erupted in really awful looking painful lesions ("red nodules") a few months ago, and finally her doctors are taking her seriously enough to order tests to find out what the hell is going on. She'll find out next Thursday. In any case, she had adopted a lab/shepherd mix to keep her pit mix company, and the two of them are too much for her to handle. They bump into her legs. Since the lab/shepherd mix is sweet and not as bonded to her as her other dog, I took him home with me on Saturday. He's crate trained, potty trained, and knows his name. I'd like to find him a lovely permanent home asap, so I'll post a photo soon for folks in Sacto and the Bay Area to pass around. I would drive as far as LA for the perfect home. He's a lovely dog, named Kofi.

Other things that bug me: young men who do not have health insurance. Like, for example, my brother. My idiotic brother got into a car with a drunk driver on Friday night, and the jackass driver managed to swerve and fuck up everyone in the car. My brother managed to put his index finger through the window and broke his damn bones all over the place. With no health insurance, that means my idiot brother had to borrow money from my sick sister to get his finger set. Drunk driver offered to pay for the broken finger, but Drunk Driver drives drunk and without car insurance. Can you trust him? I think not. So I guess what is REALLY bugging me is Dumb Boys. Both the ones that drive, and the ones who get drunk without planning ahead for cabfare and safety. ugh. I hate dumb drunk men more than I despise Anna Nicole Smith; at least she had drive her home who was hired to get her back safely.

News I don't know what to think about: About half the cabinet is gone. That's a lot of people to walk. Not sure what it means. Maybe they were not willing to watch the madman plough through the planet up close and personal? I mean, I know Ashcroft thinks he's headed for the Supreme Court, but what are the rest of them planning? Hopefully they are just fed up with sadism, lies, and more lies. Anyway, my head is spinning with all the news; good, bad, and odd.

~Your pal, Amelie

10:47 AM

Wednesday, November 10, 2004  
I know, I know. I'm posting a lot today.

But Summer has this catalog and I have to post about it.

It's from www.seva.org and it's so neato, download the catalog. It's what you get for the person who has everything. I mean, who wouldn't want to be able to say "For Hannukah, my daughter paid to have a blind person in Tanzania see. In my name. Isn't that gorgeous?" Other cool projects you can fund: training medical workers, clean water rights and access protection, sacred sites protection, literacy programs, you name it. This ain't the "save a child, give this christian org moolah", it's a community development project (both here in the USA and abroad). Neato, non?

Hell yeah. That's as good, if not better, than paying $100 to grow a forest for someone in their name with the Nat'l Arbor Tree foundation.

And if you have to give something tangible, why not:
No Sweat Apparel.

Or a trip to a non profit hot springs?

~Amelie, full of ideas

4:51 PM

This just in:

Come up with a slogan for a contest that promotes a campaign to get automakers to make more hybrid vehicles to meet the demand.

The one that comes to my mind is "HOV and ME, ME, ME!" Because I'm cynical that way...But I think it would go over a lot of heads. That's a direct slap to the legislators who wanted to get Laurie David's law on the books: you can suddenly drive alone in a hybrid using the carpool lanes if your vehicle is a hybrid that gets 45 MPG. Only Honda and Toyota make a hybrid that would work (hello, can you smell a monopoly?), and both are priced too high for most drivers. Aside from the fact that I think the law is elitist, and aside from the fact that it's designed to get the first 75,000 45 mpg hybrid drivers on the road (and using HOV lanes), IT'S RIDICULOUS. High Occupancy Vehicle lanes are for HIGH OCCUPANCY VEHICLES FULL OF PEOPLE COMMUTING SO THAT THEY DON'T TAKE UP PARKING LOT, FREEWAY AND OTHER SPACE. If you pack the HOV lanes with 75K single drivers, you get...wait for it...

CROWDED HOV LANES, BRAINIACS (brainiacs being the idiots who promoted such a dumb law). I also happen to think that carpooling builds communities and that it should be a choice, a happy choice, not a desperate act; nor should it be the kind of thing that you have to compete for. I personally think that owning a hybrid is smart, and is a good choice. I also know for a fact that there are 3-6 month long waiting lists in California for these cars, so there ain't no need to incentivise it. In any case, I'm probably in an indignant huff over naught; the law will probably not stand up in court.
What they OUGHT to be incentivising is automakers to make hybrid BIG POWERFUL cars, like trucks and SUVs. And make the hybridization of such a vehicle real, so that you actually see gas mileage benefits. Current larger vehicle hybrids basically save no gas, they just give extra oomph up hills. Gas saving is important to me and to other people who drive smaller more efficient cars. We may not have gotten our hybrid on, but we make smart choices. One of those is carpooling.

Aside from all of that,

Good luck on the contest, amigos!

~Amelie, The Mean Cynical Lady who puts the Damper On The Creepy Elitists (but wants you to win a hybrid anyway)

2:33 PM

When we were trying to name the puppy, I came up with some names I didn't think were THAT common. But I was laughed at by the vet tech in my household. She informed me that "Freckles" is very common. Too common.

Other common names:
Buster Precious Tom Kitty Frodo Blackie
Baxter Baby Smokey Snuggles Fluffy Jack
Bugs D.O.G. Shadow Scooter Puffy Duke
Daisy Freeway Chinook Poppy Blue Yoda
Corky Tramp Maggie Bella Boots Thor
Cookie Bowser Stinker Bijoux Spot Sadie
Oreo Miss Kitty Beau Bo-Bo Silver Skippy
Big Red Sam Midnight Rusty Snickers Spike
Jasper Gizmo Gus Buddy Dusty Chief Dino

Suffice it to say, most people do not name their pets after numbers and sounds, and there are very few pets named "Phil" in this world, quite a tragedy. Lots of people name fish and terrapins "Shit", a bit of trivia that I do not understand.

Also, if you name a dog or cat "Stinky" or "Scratch", you are just asking for trouble.

Mine are named Wingnut (huge tuxedo tabby), Shabazz (huge black cat), Churchill (medium silver cat), Seamas (dog, gunmetal gray colored schnauzer mix), Beep (midsize australian white male), and Sparky (huge australian white male). Beep and Sparky are frogs. I thought Fluffy The Frog was hilarious, but no one else liked it.

Baby Pix. Warning, this puppy lost a leg to a pit bull in South Sacramento about a week ago, so some of the photos show the amputated side. She's doing really well. Enjoy!

Bullet On The Grass

Bullet Goes To work

Wanna Play?

sleepy baby

Hey, wtf??!

Lap Nap

And for the kitten lovers, the kitties we raised were adopted out a couple of weeks ago, but these are cute photos of the Borzoi (or "Uncle Photon" as we had to start calling him). He would jump over the kitten enclosure, eat all their formula and kibble, and then he'd lay down and let them mess with him for hours. We had to watch him, because he would actually stretch out right on top of them and not notice, but if they were out and about, he would nuzzle and clean them. These photos are of a 90# dog, over 3 ft. tall, taking care of two rambunctious, messy kittens:

You KNOW you want a kissy...

How Much Messing With Can You Take?

A vigourous bathe

Tablet was the favorite. The black kitten was delicate and pretty, but the tabby was tough and liked to rough house with the dogs.

Hope they made you smile.

Also, Ashcroft resigned yesterday. Which normally is GREAT news. Except that the guy lined up for him is 3X more conservative and nasty. How Bush finds these people, I have no idea. Also, it's sorta fishy when you got one Supreme Court Justice struggling with chemo and Ashcroft just suddenly decides it's time to spend time with his famille. Ah well.

still. There are cute puppies in this world, so it can't be all that bad. Right?
Of course right.

~Amelie, who dreamed about Fiddler on the Roof AND Time Bandits last night.

PS: What are YOUR favorite pet names?

11:04 AM

Tuesday, November 09, 2004  
Today's news:

Bullet The Puppy is doing marvelously. She can definitely get around and jumps on the couch on her own. She is also already potty trained and will make a doody or a wee on command (place on grass first). I have no idea if this little potty blessing is a fluke or if it will last. She likes cats, dogs, me, PF, and Erica, but will only sleep on the couch or with Erica. She also goes to the vet every day because he's the vet who saved her and he loves her too. He is also reporting the family who brought her in, he says he "struggled with his conscience around it" for awhile, but ultimately, he decided to report them and go after them to the full extent of the law. It's because no matter how upset you are, you do not leave a shredded baby ANYTHING outside in the cold and rain without getting it medical (or in this case, veterinary) care. It's criminally negligent and fully abusive to leave a child in those conditions, and anyone with half a heart agrees it's NOT OKAY to do that to an animal. So, while they brought the dog in to be euthanized (and even fed her a last meal for pete's sake, requiring serious monitoring during the anesthesia while the vet endeavored to save her), they are obnoxiously negligent people. And the lady next door with the evil pit bull that comes under the fence? Should be arrested. Problem is, she won't be until her dog attacks a kid. Anyway. The pup won't come to "Bullet", but she comes to "Here, Bully! Bully! Bully!" which is so Catcher in the Ryesque or Ivy League...

PF has pink eye. Pink eye, stink eye. My poor PF. You know you love someone too much when you can pick their crusty eyelashes apart to drop sulfa drops into their bloody red puffy eyes. Every morning I wake up with itchy eyes, and worry I'll get it too. Which is a high likelihood. I hope it doesn't happen. Fingers are X'd. Poor PF. His beautiful browns are seriously inflamed.

In other news,
My boss is going to tear me a new one at our 3 PM staff meeting today. I "forgot" to invite someone to our retreat (in reality, I do not remember being told, but it's true that it's possible I forgot. However, I doubt it. But I'm willing to take the blame in order to get on with it and not have him dwell on it much longer.) I'm also exhausted. So much for relaxing over the weekend. I feel like I got no sleep.

Maybe I am getting sick?

I also have this new dumb cell phone that I cannot for the life of me figure out. It's a siemens, not a flip phone, and I can't lock the fucker. I had to get it bc my old phone finally decided it had been dropped one to many times and wouldn't dial 8 anymore. Nor would it let me check my messages, I could only listen to the first one and erase it, but it wouldn't go to any of the others unless I called in from another phone. Ugh.


In other news, I bought a bag of halloween candy 1/2 off. What the hell was I thinking?

~Amelie, Sugar Glider

10:58 AM

Saturday, November 06, 2004  
I've been away for the past 3 days. On a work retreat. Where even the republicans voted for Kerry and were upset by the election day results. We all got very drunk at night, sat by the fire, and talked and talked and talked. And then we got up early and worked and worked and worked.

I barely managed to get there on Nov. 3, but the minute I walked in to the retreat center, I scheduled a massage. 9 good meals, lots of work-related discussion, lots of fresh air and rain, and lots of commiseration, combined with a lack of internet service and television, has done me a world of good.

I think I have come to grips with the fact that the middle american states are terrified of change. Look who voted for Bush: republicans and dems who are stuck in the middle, their ways of life threatened by the unknown of a Kerry presidency. They are in the lull of what they think is "knowledge". They go with what they think will maintain the status quo. They don't want to know anything different. They are risk averse. It doesn't mean I don't want to strangle them all, because I absolutely do. But I am finally understanding where their stupidity comes from. And it ain't about morality. You cannot vote for a man who keeps our young soldiers in the military extra years and forces them to kill babies and go into gunfights without proper equipment "moral". You can't tell me that a man who protects the rich and wipes the floor with the poor is "moral". You want to know what he is? The Known Evil.

And apparently, that's better than the Unknown Evil, aka "change".

I also heard, for the first time (I think I may have been in denial, ignoring friends with the same sentiments) that people weren't that keen on Kerry. I sort of was. I mean, I usually embrace change, so I was pro-Kerry. But not all my colleagues felt the same all the time, and they talked about it this week. Not blaming, but saying dems need a better message than "anybody but Bush". We took the ABB stance: and that is a sorry way to try to win an election, poor Kerry kept getting stuck on the defensive around his war record (phenomenally heroic, by the way) and he should have focused on the NOW and FUTURE more. Apparently. So, there you go. Kerry ended up not being as compelling (although I felt he was the better candidate by far, my opinion stands for naught in the idiot south and the fuckled up midwest.) I do appreciate the numbers who turned out. I love the fact that we made a statement this year: we want to vote.

I am finally in agreement that the Electoral college may have to go.

In other news, I got home yesterday, resigned to the sad sad world events...And found Erica was at home.

With a new puppy.

We now own a new puppy.

Erica is a vet tech at a vet office in a predominantly lower income part of our town, she calls it a "rottie and pit" neighborhood. On Wednesday, they were told a puppy was coming in with its leg chewed off. She figured it was a case of a mama pit chewing off the damaged legs of one of her newborns. Instead, it turned out to be the cutest black and white puppy, 15 Lbs and 3 months old, and she'd been attacked by the neighbor's pit bull. It ate her leg, chewing it right off her little body. When the family came home, they were so shocked and traumatized, they left her outside figuring she was already dead and deciding to deal with her little carcass in the morning. I guess they knew the neighbor, and had had puppies torn apart like this before (yes, they should have fixed the mama, yes they are idiots and neglectful pet owners.) The next morning, they found her hobbling around, and brought her in to be euthanized because they knew they didn't have the money to help her properly.

Erica took one look at her and fell in love. Then she shelled out moolah on her employee discount.

We now own a tripod named Bullet (i.e., faster than a speeding. So fast she "Ran a leg right off.") and I have to say, she cheered me up quite a bit. She smells like puppy and her breath smells like milk and puppy pee, which I for some reason melt over. I love puppies as anyone who knows me knows by now.

It horrifies me to think that she was ripped apart, and then left for dead out in the cold all night. I was holding her when she was sleeping and I swear she had a nightmare in my arms. Poor darling girl.

It's a miracle this baby survived at all, she lost so much blood. Anyway, it scares me to think about how often this kind of thing happens, how lousy people are, and how little animal control does in these situations. She's darling. I'll post pix eventually.

Poor Baby. She's a real survivor.

~Amelie, Love And A Bullet.

6:57 PM

Wednesday, November 03, 2004  
I'm disgusted with the stupid states.
I was impressed with the turnout.

I don't get how the antichrist won, but this time it looks like he actually won. He didn't even have to steal it this time.

Congratulations, Stupid States. You have not only elected a con artiste, you've handpicked The Red Beast that you're all so fucking scared of.

~Amelie. Sickened. Via rumblelizard "Oh, and P.S.: I'd like to thank all the non-voting 18 to 24 year olds for living up to the disengaged, slack-ass stereotype people have in their heads about you. Good going. Also, I hope you like desert climates and being shot at. Enjoy the draft, kids."

9:56 AM

Tuesday, November 02, 2004  
Okay, apparently the reality show "survivor" has ruined Belize for the rest of us. Property values shot up 100% after the show aired. What's cool about Belize is that it's English speaking and has loads of water front property. I found a lot of organic farms for sale.

But here's something fabulous: a property in Guatemala in Antigua. Check that baby out.

I have had to stop watching CNN and reading blogs today. Summer says I have to also stop eating the halloween mini tootsie pops and drinking tea and coffee. So now I'm shopping for expat real estate.
Yeah. Productive day, non?

1:26 PM

I. Am. So. Stressed. Out.

I cannot concentrate on anything. Every time I try to write an email to someone regarding work, I keep coming up against this weird urge to check Daily Kos and other politicoblogs.

I had to wear jeans today to work because I really didn't want to futz around getting dressed.

I could not find my new socks.

I forgot to feed my dog and had to drive back home. People from the polling place across the street were partially blocking our private road, so I had to drive on grass. And then when I looked at the lines, I was very glad I am an absentee voter, even if I don't get to wear my little I Voted sticker. Plus, I heard Sutter Middle School's scanner broke, so that's nice. Manual counts and all. At least they are not Florida, who already has to count 13,000 manually. Did I mention how much I hate Florida recently? I really hate it. The state and their government, not so much the people. Everyone from Florida that I've ever met in my whole life has been lovely and endearing.

Still, I'm stressing out. I didn't realize how stressed I was going to be today. I mean, I really had no idea I'd be affected. If I could just step back and watch myself, I think it would probably be remarkable that something I have so little control over would freak me out this much.

And this is all just RUINING my enjoyment of Fall Back Day hours. Goddamit.

~Amelie. Vote. And BBQ Republicans.

11:05 AM

Monday, November 01, 2004  
Day of the Dead Post:

I found this on the internet.

The sleep lab ghost at CSUS 1976:
A pair of researchers were working down in the lab hooking up a freshman male "sleep" volunteer for the night's experiment (they were working with Kirlian photography). The two researchers settled in, monitored EEGs, drinking coffee, listening to KZAP (Rock On.)...when all of the sudden, stuff went off the charts EEG-wise. Because Mike, a researcher, had just awakened the male subject with his shouting.

The story teller Pat says that Mike ran into the lab room and called out for him to come in and "see this!"

"This" was a weird green mist coming from a shelving unit, and a human form of an old lady looking quite prim and proper. He continues...
"Mike grabbed my arm, pulling me into the room with him and shouted, "LOOK AT THAT! LOOK at HER!" and he pointed to the wall that separated the Control room from the Sleep Chamber. There, very plainly, was a "mist" emerging from behind and between the shelves on that part of the wall. This mist grew larger and moved steadily into the Control Room. My jaw dropped in amazement as Mike turned quickly and made sure I was seeing what he was seeing, "I thought I was DREAMING or something! That THING walked right THROUGH me!" he continued, turning back to the apparition."

They followed the apparition until she walked into another cabinet. The two researchers, who had probably scared their subject to death, calmed him down by saying they had spooked a trespasser, and they packed it up for the night. This guy says he tried later to find out who the old lady could have been, but it remained a mystery.

The best part is that apparently another subject had reported seeing an old woman enter her sleep chamber and disappear. The researchers had originally shrugged it off as a bad dream in a sleep chamber.

Spooky, non? I think I found the two stories. Sleep Lab 1 and Sleep Lab 2. If they're not true, they are still devilishly fun. He has a lot of stories on his site. Probably a crank. Anyway. It's still creeeeepy to think of a haunted basement sleep lab at CSUS.

Kirlian photography is what some parapsychologists use to take pictures of ghosts. It captures auras and photos of torn leaves and phantom limbs. It's also been debunked, so scrap my earlier claims that ghostly presences have been proven by photography and captured phantom limbs.

Now, go make sugar skulls tonight. And later, get ready for the OTHER best holiday ever, Thanksgiving.

~Amelie, still collecting stories for NEXT year...

5:17 PM

"What is YOU for Halloween?"

Castro Street fair was insanely crowded. It's like your worst nightmare kind of crowd, except minus the random gunshooting and drunk people throwing up down your back. There were a lot of inflatable weiners walking around, and there were at least two boxes of tissue that said "blow me". My favorite costumes were:
1) George Bush with a GIANT LEFT EAR
2) kangaroo with a chihuahua in the pouch
3) three separate gay tranny parades: one requiring a buttload of long black and blue balloons (yes, a buttload), one was a group of geishas carrying carp and blossom banners overhead, and the last one was a bunch of Asian men dressed in traditional Thai dancer costumes.

Honorable mentions: Erica as a 5150 in her very own straitjacket (my favorite part of her costume: everyone asked her where she got a real straitjacket and she kept telling them "Ebay", which was true.) I also liked the Bride and Groom Sims. There was a giant fly that took a lot of time to make.
At one point, I saw a tree moving, and said "Hey! That's a fabulous costume!" only to realize later that it was, in fact, a tree.

I really despise people who show up to these things and gawk without donning something. I mean, I don't like the fact that a lot of people parade around in costumes that they threw together (newsflash: fake eyelashes and a too-big dress are not a costume. Especially on a woman.) Even ghosts are better than coming nekkid. And dressing like a fat person is NOT a costume. That's just stupid and rude. But people who don't do anything? That just makes me angry. I mean, really. It's halloween. You are out and about. PUT ON AN INSIDE OUT SHATNER MASK, WHY DON'T YOU?!

I didn't see a single clown, thank god, because they give me heart attacks. I didn't see a single person dressed like that weird old dancing guy from 7 Flaggs Marine World. Nope, the most common costume? A walking penis. It IS the Castro.

Some people do go all out, though. One gal on BART had these crazy red contacts that completely freaked me out. She said she had to stop by her friend's house to "make my hair permanently white so I can be a dark angel." Her costume's wingspan was like 8 feet across. I bet she's a lot of fun in a gothy sort of way.

Me, I was Autumn, since there were so many damn fairies everywhere. Plus, I do not own wings, antennae, or a dumb wand. I decided seasons don't need toys or paraphernalia, they just ARE. So I was my very favorite season, with lots of orange and red flowers and about a gallon of gold makeup dust. Sure, I had to explain what I was twice. However, I had to laugh once when I was approached by someone who wanted to know "What IS you? A Meadow?" I also got patted on my flowery head a lot. Which I don't mind so much as I thought I would.

My evening was the end of a busy day full of knitting, breakfasting, working out, driving, frantically applying makeup, BARTing, walking all over SF, and passing out later with some cider and honey mustard chips. And that was my Halloween. I think I would have liked going to a local party more.

Maybe next year I will host an old fashioned-y Halloween party. The kind that doesn't take a lot of energy. With candles, mulled wine, apple bobbing, maybe Harvey's cat racing game, something mellow and family-friendly. Where no one gets naked (except Hal) and you don't have to explain what your costume is to anyone.

Tomorrow: don't forget to vote. Please. Please. My Canadian expat status depends on it. Especially women and minorities. You have to vote this time. And yes, it does matter. If you get in line, bring a book and a lawn chair or something. Stay there until you get your vote in, even if the polls close. If they close without letting you vote and you were there waiting, GRAB THE NEAREST LAWYER.

~Amelie, Day Of The Dead grrl. AKA, Autumn is All Tuckered Out.

PS: I heard a really spooky story about the Sleep Lab in the psych building at CSUS. Does anyone know that one??? Jeez louise, it was crreeeepy.

3:26 PM

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