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Friday, October 31, 2003  
Happy Hallowe’en!! It’s thundering and raining here. Which I love.

It’s my toss up favorite holiday. I love Thanksgiving as well. It just rocks my world that both holidays are in Autumn, my favorite season.

I came to work dressed as The Sensitive Male. I scared my brother when I woke him up this morning stealing his cologne. Because I looked like him. Two male things I forgot: to stuff my jeans and to put change in my pocket.

All Hallow’s Eve! I can barely believe how the time has flown this year. I feel like it was JUST HALLOWEEN a little while ago. Luckily, Sacramento weather took a change from warm to brisk. It may even rain today, which would be nice for ALL of California, seeing as how we are under siege from fires.

Anyway, it’s a really great Halloween weekend. Happy Friday and TGIH! As for my festivities, I ain’t got nothing planned. I have turned down the parties this weekend in lieu of a quiet sausages-and-red-cabbage night with beer. I’ll watch a scary movie, hand out candies and toys, and go to bed. But I still love Halloween. I’m just in a bad mood...

Here’s a bunch of cool sites to read, rip up, or sink your fangs into...whatever your wicked little hearts desire!

Feel free to email me your spookiest “true” ghost stories. I know I’ve posted mine before if you do a search.

Halloween History:


Origins Of

Burning of Witches:

Burn, baby, burn!

Witch Trials:

Salem Guide

Salem Memorial

European trials

Biblical Witches:

Stories and condemnation of witches in the bible

Modern Witches (there are so many, here are just a few links):

Witch Vox

Celtic Crow

International Meetup!

Ghostly Terminology

Ghost Talk

Ghost Busters:

They are very serious.

Ghost Stories:



The Moonlit Road

The Ash Tree

Explanation and breakdown of Demonic Possession:

Exorcism and Possession: rites, reasons, religion.

Book on Contemporary Possessions:

5 People's Stories

Exorcism by Muslims:

The Devil Made Them Do It.

Anyway, if you are in hell, you can get out for free.

There is an actual town in Michigan called Hell. Seriously. You can buy Ghost Poop Ice Cream. I think that is very cute.

Note, I don't care that much about vampires, werewolves and zombies.

I like haunted things and good stories. I am terrified of demonic possession because I was raised Catholic and have watched The Exorcist way too many times. I feel sorry for much maligned witches (which means "wise woman" in dutch or something), and kind of think neopagism is both silly and neato.

~Amelie. Happy Spookville To You!

1:59 PM

Thursday, October 30, 2003  
Bad Poetry

So, The Indiechicklist had a bad poetry contest (that I entered with a poem that didn't belong to me, so it's a good thing I didn't win).

My friend D won with this stunner:
Ode #4

Behold my ass.
Would that it were thine.

Behold my ass.
Touch it – it's not a crime.

Behold my ass,
Cradled within silky pants.

Behold my ass.
Specifically, while I prance.

For it was foretold,
By the goddess Aphrodite
That a child would be born,
With haunches so mighty.

So mighty they be,
So inspiring in their girth,
That their mere existence,
Could bring peace to this Earth.

Behold my ass
And the sounds that it makes.

The force of cheeks clapping
Can make the ground quake.

Behold my ass.
From below or above

Behold my ass
And you shall know love.

For never before
in the history of man
Have human eyes
Feasted upon such a can.

And feast, oh you shall!
In it's perfume you'll be basking.
No, I do not use FDS,
But thank you for asking!

So, behold my ass.
So mighty and fine.

Behold my ass,
No longer just mine.

Curl up on a cheek,
Grab hold of my hips,

You're about to embark
On one great fucking trip.

~Amelie, worshipful of D's Ass.

10:50 AM

Tuesday, October 28, 2003  
In a criminal justice system, it would be preferable to:

convict an innocent person.
let a guilty person go free.

Yes, that is the question that stumpled me on the "What Sci Fi Character Are You?" Quiz that maya posted on her blog recently.

And the answer?

I am Galadriel. Which I don't think is very sci fi. And I'm not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Because damn. I was hoping for the quisatz hadderach. As we all know.


Possessing a rare combination of wisdom and humility, while serenely dominating your environment you selflessly use your powers to care for others.

Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.

Galadriel is a character in the Middle-Earth universe. You can read more about her at the Galadriel Worshippers Army.

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

~amelie, who guarrantees she will be reading more about herself at the Galadriel Worshippers Army.

8:31 AM

Monday, October 27, 2003  


Oh yes, there's more. But I'm tired.


10:17 PM

Went camping with Maya, Alice, and Emily. Have cool photos. Picked up a starfish. Broke a few laws, but managed to completely put out the fire this time. Put up PF's tent with little to no problems. Seamas played with kids. Gerstle Cove is crowded. But I got in my "camping by the coast" fantasy this year. I'm in awe of the water and the waves. They were so beautiful. I so miss the ocean. Checked out real estate: still very expensive. Although Alice's sister, who came camping with us, realized that her house is for sale. She lives on 11 acres of Pinot Noir in Sebastopol. Nice landlords, non?

And this is for Mel:

Use only water based lubricants and plain latex condoms.

I have posted about this a few times. Nonoxynol 9 corrupts mucus membranes and allows viral transfer. You have a 50% higher chance of picking up HIV when using this microbicide. don't believe me? Google NonOxynol 9. You will probably find this lovely letter from the CDC that describes a double blind experiment in subsaharan Africa using sex workers. These women were given either a placebo gel or a N9 based microbicide. The N9 users were twice as likely to be infected with HIV when using the microbicides PERFECTLY. Now, N9 condoms are covered in a thin sheath of N9. It is highly unlikely that the study used small amounts like those found on condoms. Still. Rat poison is still rat poison, no matter what dose you take it's gotta be bad for you if it kills rats. And it ain't just in condoms. N9 is found in LOADS of contraceptives. Gellies, sponges, films, creams....

Earlier studies showed it. It does not protect. It kills virus in a petri dish, but not in a body.

HOWEVER. N9 causes cellular degeneration. That is what it was invented for. It was meant originally as a spermicide. Sperm are cells. And vaginal walls? Are made up of cells as well. In fact, vaginal walls make nice protective layers to keep out nasty germs. When they are compromised, they allow more germs in. If you make a gel that doesn't differentiate between vagina cells, sperm, and HIV, Murphy's Law ensues. In the US, women routinely complain about "latex allergies". Latex allergies are in fact fairly rare among the general population.

What is not rare is a tingling or burning sensation after sex with condoms and lubricants containing N9. And generally? This leads to non-use of condoms during sex, so it's not a good choice for a spermicidal contraception either. And for your added benefit:
"The experts also concluded that spermicides containing nonoxynol-9 do not protect against two other common sexually transmitted infections – cervical gonorrhoea and chlamydia." Neato! N9=biggest scam ever.

And CDC and the WHO still take a semi-cautious stance with "it's better to use a condom with N9 than no condom at all." I'm sure they will eventually revise that statement. Especially since they are the groups doing all the research about how horrible it is for us. And maybe someday the US will BAN it like every other country that read the head's up report.

And someday a genius biochemist will invent a decent microbicide that is sperm and virus specific, but leaves the proteins on our vaginal and rectal walls alone.

Of course, it will cost hundreds of dollars and only be sold by prescription and it won't be covered by insurance....

~Amelie, Camping condemner of condoms with N9.

11:15 AM

Friday, October 24, 2003  
this is so cool! hydrogen fuel cells animation. And can I just say, it's much more fun to work here than publish constantly about sad HIV statistics! Although I feel guilty for enjoying it so much. So, wear latex condoms and use water based lube with no nonoxynol 9. An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure. That is all.


4:34 PM

I just lost a very nice post for some unknown reason.

It happens a lot on my computer.

Anyway, I got home from a nice work retreat last night, and headed over to Erica's to say goodbye to Turbo The Mini Moo.

He has found a new place to live. A petting zoo in Woodland, CA (not very far away, actually). He will share a pen with a few sheep and a miniature brahma bull type animal and a donkey. Cute, non? I think he will miss his herd of dogs, but I think he will like the herbivores better anyway.

In other news, I had to squeak by a film crew from October Films. They are filming something with Brooke Shields right outside our building. They are using the Jump Start Cafe, owned by one of my coworkers. I wish they had used the other cafe that I like to frequent, Espresso Metro. The manager (jay howell/Shoe Painter) told me that October Films called him and he never called them back. Too bad. I bet Brooke would have liked their stuffed eggs.

And there is an interesting article on slavery in California in the SN&R today.

"Currently, interested researchers are limited to visiting the Sacramento Room during business hours, only viewing the book at a table set right before the librarians' desk and using only pencils to keep notes--no pens are allowed in the room. Moore's team envisions an archive where such books are available online, page by page, for 24-hour access."

Well, that's nice of Moore's team. And they are focused on something fascinating.

However, there are similar projects. And they are available 24 hours a day. Which is important. this one and this one. That sucks. They should have mentioned these informative historical sites that people worked on for 2 years, especially since one of them was for the Sacramento Room. So I am doing it here.

Sacramento: Chock Full Of History, and people fascinated by that history....

~Amelie. Reading up on Sactown.

3:25 PM

Monday, October 20, 2003  
Okay, most people don't know this (until now), but I bought 2 Orc Feast ($50 USD each) tickets to the Lord Of The Rings Marathon on December 16th. I am going to take my dad. But Maya sent me the ebay listings for the other sold out marathons all over the states, and I'm thinking maybe I should take my dad on opening day like everyone else, and just sell my tickets???

I mean, really. Some of these are going for so much money that I could not only buy everyone xmas presents, but pay some student loan off too!

But I won't. My dad is so excited. He's so cute.

~Amelie. A Whole LOTR Nerd.

5:16 PM

Saturday, October 18, 2003  
It's Saturday. It's a day of ups and downs. For instance, I attended the Mongrel Mash And Dash for the Happy Tails No Kill Shelter with Seamas. We met up with Erica. We got there early. What did I forget?

A checkbook and tampax. So, we didn't register for the walk, but put a few bucks of cash in all the rescue booths and bought a bunch of raffle tickets. There were a lot more booths this year, more stuff to look at. Suddenly we realized that the walk had already started, and we missed it. In fact, we took the dogs on a potty walk and ran into the Mongrel Mashers on their way back. THAT is how LATE we were. Still, we met nice people. Like the Rat Rescue people from Grass Valley. They were so nice! They were practically giving away neutered and spayed rats. I nearly got one myself, but held back. I mean, hello. The next animal I bring into my life has GOT to live in the backyard and be a rescued tortoise. Today I drew up plans for torty habitat and backyard stuff.

Here's a tortoise pen idea I imagined for my own yard: change-out grasses growing in pots. And that's a radiated tortoise being cute.

I bought 2 big bags of bark and some soil to spread out for sod. I give up on a lawn back there from seed. It just ain't going to happen. The dirt? Is like bricks. So, I'm just going to perform a version of lasagna gardening on TOP of the hardpan, and just fill it in with composty materials before I actually lay the sod.

Anyway, the M-M&D was fun. Since we missed the walk, I let Seamas run around in the agility course stuff. Okay, my dog? Ain't timid. Nor is he a wimpy pup. He shot over the A frame, through the tire, over the teeter totter, and (with a treat coaxing him along), through the weave poles. They wouldn't raise the balance beam, but my dog pranced across that like a cakewalk. The only thing he WOULDN'T do was the tunnel. I really need to run him through one and get him super used to the idea. He just wasn't having any. I have to get him into agility. He made all the other dogs trying it out embarrassed to try. The dumb guy who was supposed to be showing me "how" to do everything wouldn't hold my dog's collar, and kept saying "I don't remember how to teach beginners". Ugh. Stupid. My dog knows what to do, all you have to do is keep him looking at ME, and he'll do whatever I say. It ain't about being a newbie, it's about knowing how to handle a dog. Which is why, if you've never worked with my dog, you have to put your hand on his collar. Otherwise, he will try to be with me. Anyway. It was fun if that guy hadn't spoiled it. I think I'm going to join the local agility club.

And then I came home and planned my yard.

And then I got a call from Erica while I was cleaning my frog's tank (Sparky is loving the new design I think. He gets to burrow in dirt. I got rid of all the orchid bark and bought organic soil. Can you say "kerruck?"), Erica has to remove Turbo the Miniature Steer from her premises. You've seen him in photos, and yes, he exists. He's gorgeous, and he will let you ride him. For about 15 seconds.

Well, some neighbor complained. About poop and livestock. The first thing you should know about cow poop is that it is wet when it falls and it dries into grass plops. It breaks down into nothing. One miniature cow shoots out less poop than 3 small dogs, believe it or not. Basically what I'm saying is, there's not a lot of poop. It's just some lame person exercising their right to report their neighbor anonymously and slyly watch through the fence while she loads him into a truck and hugs him goodbye. Sadly, she must remove him or face penatlies. And people, it ain't like she is flaunting him or anything. He's in a yard surrounded by the fences of other backyards on what was formerly Sacramento Dairy land anyway. There are vestiges of corrals and barns in her neighborhood, and there have been no complaints all year. Except from Grandma Death. Who no one believed anyway. "A MINIATURE cow?? Sure, granny..."

I hate her neighbors. I'm betting it was that fucker the Pregnant Man. Or his crazy old Grandma Death mother who lives next door (she told a nicer neighbor that she didn't understand why animal control didn't believe her about the miniature cow in her neighbor's yard.) My bet is the new neighbors who moved in on the other side or Erica's fence. I feel like committing arson. If I'm ever there, I'm turning the hose on their kid who sticks his head through the fence to look at her dogs.

That poor moo! He loves his dog herd. He loves Erica's Borzoi, and just licks him forever. He's such a sweet moo. I love him so. I'm going to go cry now. The honeymoon is over, the inevitable has happened.

PF has jury duty on Monday. He probably won't even come home to console me. Waah. And I could really use a foot rub, PF. You have no idea how sad I am.

~Amelie, who hopes her parents can keep Turbo in their own livestock-friendly yard.

8:23 PM

Wednesday, October 15, 2003  
PF left this morning, and around 5 AM he turned on a light, and I think I was still trying to reach out for him (or steal the covers or something), and I rolled into the TV table, conked my head really really hard and promptly knocked myself out. The curse is back.

I wasn't technically "knocked out", because he jumped on me and started patting my head and scolding me, but boy, did that hurt. And I fell asleep after a little too easily for my taste. But I wish I'd actually been knocked out, it hurt that much. Still stings, you know? I wonder what other accidents I will be fortuitous enough to have happen to me as this year winds down? Now I'm scared to walk to work. Someone is bound to roll into me at a stop and knock me down in a crosswalk.

Oh wait. THAT accident already happened to me already...So did catching on fire and dropping large sharp heavy objects at my head. And falling out of a ski lift...and breaking numerous bones...and scary car accidents from hell...horse bites that take boobs off.... What's left? Shark Attack?

In other news, I went to see (with PF of course) Bubba Ho-Tep! And yes, you should go see it in a theater, or be jealous forever. It was hysterical, and a MUCH better story than I ever expected. If you liked Bruce Campbell before, you will love him here. He IS Elvis. Not just some Sebastian Haff Wannabe, no. As one review said, he is CHANNELING the King. I fucking loved it. I'm sorry, but, Elvis (who traded lives with an impersonator and ended up in a convalescent hospital) is pals with JFK (who is dyed black to hide him from assassins). And they fight an evil egyptian spirit who is sucking the life out of convalescing elderly folk. There is a brief scene with an iron lung that nearly made me pee my pants with hysterics, and there are flying scarab beetles that will horrify you yet make you laugh.

Another film I recommend for its wild energy and cathartic violence: Kill Bill. I will not write a review, nor will I say for you to read one, in fact, don't read one. Simply go see it. I knew NOTHING about it except that it was a new Tarantino. I was pleasantly shocked. And sometimes, when things are so amazingly over the top, I get a fit of hysterical laughing that won't stop. This happened at least once during a particularly blood soaked scene in this film, and you know what? It's okay. You can laugh. It's funny. bleeding=hilarious good time. Apparently. On my planet.

What else is new in my life? Hmm. I bought a PO Box. Because my mail is apparently being rifled through and packages stolen from my steps (remember Nocturama, Ed? now it's happening again to more expensive stuff.) So, if you want to send me nice gifts and postcards from Europe or whatever, I can now be reached at:

Amelie La Bonne
PO Box 1534
Sacramento, CA 95812

Oh yeah. And my annoying coworker comes back to work today. My day? Is already looking bleak. This is probably why I cracked my head open at the crack of dawn.

~Amelie, who at least has new make-up to play with.

9:05 AM

Friday, October 10, 2003  
Do you know how fast you walk?

I took a pedometer to work today. From my front door to the door of my office, it's 3.0 miles exactly if you take the route I take.

It took me 45 minutes this afternoon. This morning it took me 35.

According to the calculator, I should be burning a minimum of 630 calories a day just walking to and from work.

I also used the pedometer at work, to measure how much I walk. .75 miles, and that's a day where I didn't go out to lunch or really take a walk outside like I normally do (sometimes I walk around the area my office is, shopping, or to lunch, or visiting my chiropractor's dog).

And then, I usually come home and walk my dog another 1.6 miles in the evening.

Therefore, on a slow day, I probably burn 1000 calories just walking.

I guarantee I don't eat more than 2400 calories a day. (except when I binge on halloween gum, which has been happening the last 3 days). At my current body weight? I need to eat 2000 calories a day just to be sedentary.

Yet, I have actually GAINED weight, and fat. My belly fat? There is more here now than when I started birth control back in October of last year. My waist is bigger. Even with a serious exercise regimen (Slim In 6 program, I do it 1-3X a week on top of regularly walking).

That is physiologically impossible.

I need someone to tell me matter of factly what the hell is wrong with my metabolism. Because I am going to cry.

~Amelie, who is TRYING to understand what her belly is telling her...

5:39 PM

Not to rub it in....but, you know that Rush resigned due to his racist craptalk and his Oxycontin addiction, right?

My friend emailed me some choice quotes.

"If (Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders) wants to legalize drugs, send the people who want to do drugs to London and Zurich, and let's be rid of them.
-- Rush Limbaugh show, Dec 9, 1993

"By legalizing drugs, all you're going to do is define further deviancy downward. We have a duty to pass on values to our descendants, values that will maintain the standards of behavior and ensure the survivability of the American way of life. And drugs are no different. You end up destroying more than yourself."
-- Rush Limbaugh Playboy interview, December 1993

"What this says to me is that too many whites are getting away with drug use. Too many whites are getting away with drug sales. Too many whites are getting away with trafficking in this stuff. The answer to this disparity is not to start letting people out of jail because we're not putting others in jail who are breaking the law. The answer is to go out and find the ones who are getting away with it, convict them and send them up the river, too."
-- Rush Limbaugh show, Oct. 5, 1995

"'When you strip it all away,Jerry Garcia destroyed his life on drugs. And yet he's being honored, like some godlike figure. Our priorities are out of whack, folks."

-Rush Limbaugh after the death of Jerry Garcia

~Amelie, who hopes Rush can kick his bad habit. For good.

3:55 PM

My dear friend Pam is a teacher and animal activist in Los Angeles. Her letters are often published in the LA Times. This one is pretty great. It's about the Tiger Attack, and I have to say, she's spot on.

While I think that if you have the space, ability, and necessary knowledge to KEEP such animals, I do not think for a minute that anyone could say they were "tamed" or that they are good "pets."

Tigers and Lions and Cougars and Bobcats and Lynx? NOT KITTIES. No matter if they purr or rub up against your knees or eat Friskies. Yes, they are cute. But they can kill you when they grow up. The same way a giant boa constrictor can eat a baby, or attack a handler. They are WILD. And they are predators.

So, it doesn't surprise me that Horn was taken out by his own tiger. I was appalled when I read Siegfried's description of what happened. "The tiger was HELPING him. Roy slipped, and the tiger was trying to help him up."

Yeah. Of course! That's why a tiger would grab you by your neck and drag you off in a death grip. And why you might try to hit the tiger as it was dragging you off, paralyzing you with its jaws. To avoid being disembowelled on stage while your tiger is saving your life.

Personally, I'd rather slip and fall than have a tiger eat me.

In any case, tigers in captivity belong in one of two places: a zoological breeding program in an appropriate containment,
rescued by an animal welfare society that exists solely to keep these large cats from being "put down" by people who are suddenly attacked by their "pets."

I appreciate that Siegfried n Roy have a lot of animal handling experience, and that they've so far escaped real damage until now.

However, I am anti circus. And I think these shows are an abomination. Sorry. Don't care how "magical" they are. And it's much harder to train your cat Wingnut to "sit" for a treat than to get a big cat to sit on a platform for a steak or two. It's much less dangerous, too.

~Amelie, who boycotts the Mirage on principle. Because they have dolphins swimming in tanks in the DESERT and actively breed them in that kind of hell.

11:48 AM

Wednesday, October 08, 2003  
Well, California did it. We managed to elect ourselves a Gubernator. I will never, ever, ever defend Californians again. When Missourians call us "Nuts." I will quietly look down at my shoe, suddenly obsessed with a spot or scratch on the toe.

At least we refused to pass the two initiatives. That's smarter of us.

But the Gubernator takes the cake. PF says "nothing changes. they are all masons (my dad is a mason. PF says that's okay because my dad is low level mason, not privy to the evils of the secret society. Yes, I laughed at him). they are bred to take power." Meaning, of course, that it doesn't matter who is in charge of our state or our country. They are all corrupt, bad people. Davis, Simons, Wilson, Shwarzenegger, Reagan, Bush, Blair, Thatcher, Hapsburgs, Machiavelli....

I disagree, but I'm not so happy about what we did yesterday. It was really...Bad.

~Amelie. Not Impressed.

9:17 AM

Tuesday, October 07, 2003  
Okay, this seriously cracked me up.


Okay, I'm done for the day.


PS, if I wanted to upload an MP3 or WAV file onto my site, how would I do it? And how much room do we have on blogspot+ for such a thing?

5:55 PM

Well, I walked over to David Lubin School today. That's because it's the polling place in my neighborhood. I was slightly relieved to see that the page I signed my name on? Is full of other registered dems. that was pleasant.

I also had no problems with the punch card. I was a little intimidated walking up to it, and sliding the card into the slots. But I got such a kick out of the punch poking THROUGH the hole and making it's resounding "punch" sound, that I can't imagine why people want to vote absentee. It's very cathartic to stick your pin through "NO".

Now, I DO get why it would be hard for senior citizens, arthritic hands/disabilities, or people with bi-focals. It might also cause problems for recallists, since they are such jerks. May their hands not stay steady, may they fuck it up and not vote their conscience.

So they will need to change the system. and I'm hoping it doesn't cause problems with the Floridians that moved here.

~Amelie, who commented on leaving the polls, "Why, I didn't have ANY problems with the punch card system. However, I ain't from Florida." Which garnered puzzled looks from the poll watchers. I have no idea why they let people without senses of humor watch the voters.

11:51 AM

Monday, October 06, 2003  
Okay. I'm missing Martha Stewart making orchids out of sugar in order to blog my thoughts.

First of all, recall is tomorrow. I wasn't going to vote at first, I was very sullen about it all. I mean, I ALREADY VOTED for my governor. Ugh. So, instead of protesting by exercising my right NOT to vote for stupid shit, I am voting. Mainly because I am against both propositions on the ballot, but also because I want to see how "horrible" our punchcards system is. I don't remember having problems in the past, but then, I ain't a Floridian.

So, I'm voting NO on the recall. And I certainly am NOT voting for Schwarzenegger. His recent detractions include: 15 women coming forward stating he molested them. Imagine you are the executive producer on the movie Twins, and Arnold pushes you down and pins you to a bed and pushes up against you, ahem "Dry Hump" wise. What would you do? You are a powerful woman, you can take it, you don't report him, what would that do for your movie? You are embarrassed, you don't expect it, you brush it off. Until he tries to run for Governor, you find out there are TONS of women with the same issues, and you come forward because it's the right thing to do (since so many republicans are willing to overlook his part-time rapist past time. Nevermind they ran our ex pres through the RINGER for having sex a willing woman and only exposing himself to others who were less interested.) Personally, the touching/grabbing/petting/laughing hysterically thing would freak me out. As I'm sure it would ALL the women at the Capitol (building!) who protested last Friday in the Operation Code Pink rally. AKA: Don't Let Arnold In The Doors.

However, he will probably win.

Okay, on to new things:

Friday I made the Moes come visit. They are the loveliest couple ever. Everyone should have them over for coffee and good conversation. Truly, they warm the heart so much. It makes me weepy to think of life without them. Swear to God.

Spent Saturday swilling beer and singing karaoke with my gals; then went to see The Four Eyes. Oh yes, they sang "Hat Nerd" Mr. PF, and of course I thought of you. I also promised to try to get pregnant or adopt a baby (by myself if need be) by age 35. Oh yes. I am going to try. In any case, I sort of spilled my thoughts on the table over loads of beer. Luckily, my girl pals are all very understanding of these sad little things. Biological clock? Mucoid Plaque? Amelie has her own opinions about these things...

Sunday was less emortionally traumatic. Went to a Celtic Festival with my dad. Who I just adore. He's the best da in the world. And I am convinced now that people who don't like to dance have been to festivals of this nature. They see the folks up there by the stage interpreting the beats with every joint in their body, swaying like they are praying to a goddess, or twirling in their ren-faire garb (or lack of garb!! Yipes.), and the anti-dancers? Have decided "I never want to look like that, therefore I will never take the chance." Sad, because most people do not look like these folks. I tried to take some silent movies of them on my 8MB mem card, but someone noticed and gave me the gypsy eyes. Also, I erased because i wanted to take some photos of Richard Thompson's Vincent Black Lightnin' (1952), as he brought it on stage. He's great. If you don't like folk (normally) and you don't like celtic music (normally), he's a great transitional artist to bring you into the fold. No, you do not have to dance. But you might sing along. Incidentally, I missed it, but the song (vincent black lightning 1952) was covered by a bluegrass band here in the states, and they won a grammy for it. I'd love to hear a bluegrass version. Man, that's a good song. Will give you chills. When I get to work, I will try to upload it to my site.

Speaking of uploading, my friend's mom is out of work. She's been out of work for a few weeks now. She's not getting picked up by anyone and has decided to sell her collection of collectible pottery on Ebay. So, I'm helping her. Not bad, non?

I will post the page as soon as she has the photos and descriptions up. Poor thing! This economy is really horrible. I'm so glad I have a job again, as the only thing I apparently collect are more pets.

Kitten is still available, by the way.

~Amelie, who only watched one movie this week. Ali: Fear Eats The Soul

9:16 AM

Friday, October 03, 2003  
In case someone missed it, I'm officially an idiot. A Capital Idiot at that.

It will be hard, but I intend to not get too infuriated anymore about misspellings. Generally because at least twice now? I've been completely wrong.

~Amelie. Bad bad bad.

2:35 PM

This are Little Miss Moe's new favorite shoes. When I went to view them, I was stricken with happiest laughing fit. So, I guess men love mary janes too. I'm saving up to buy a pair for the PF. I just loved the review below, it's so satisfying to me to know that "woman" styles are being worn enjoyably by men, much the way I like converse sneakers and boy jeans.

2003-09-04 17:58:29 Birkenstock Annapolis
Reviewer: Paul Schaeffer from Heartland America
Overall: Comfort: Look:
Shoe Size: Felt true to size
Shoe Width: Felt wider than marked

My favorites, but the sales girl's still shakin her head... Just couldn't resist and found these to be the most comfortable shoes I own. They are a bit clunky for summer wear, but I like them with jeans. Good looks, great comfort, never tired feet, and except for a few double-takes, nobody really cares that a guy finally found his favorite pair.

Other shoes recommended by reviewer: Nicole Heartbreak (buy size smaller)

~Amelie, who thought the best part was that the guy also recommends Nicole Heartbreak shoes.

1:44 PM

Thursday, October 02, 2003  
Ally said "read what Maya posted"

she posted this article on Sacramento, written by a columnist for the Washington Post. However, I was seriously annoyed. Mainly due to spelling and bad factoids.

It's full of backhanded compliments, bafflement at our Mayor (who does sound pretty dorky in the article, I have never met her; she was wrong about Tower too) and some bewilderment as to why anyone would want to come here and "clean house", which I admit, also baffles me.

However, get your facts straight.

The first Tower Records? WAS AT WATT AVENUE. The first RECORDS sold were in what is now the Tower Cafe on Broadway; it was a pharmacy, and Ross Solomon's dad let him sell records out of it. The pharmacy was named after the Tower Theater, which still stands. And the Tower Theater? Globally memorialized due to the company that is now theatening to go under.

AND: It is not Fairy Tale Land, it is Fairy Tale TOWN and it's in Land PARK.

And Goddamn it, It is NOT SPELLED STATE "CAPITAL". No matter WHAT our local Freeway says. It is CAPITOL. CapiTOL. T-O-L. What the hell is wrong with people? Especially a NEWSPAPER columnist?

I am allowed to have typos. But I seriously do not have the same one wandering throughout my entire article and nationally accessible.


And I seriously doubt that Sacramento reminds anyone of Albuquerque.

The slogan should be "Sacramento. Where Amelie Lives. And NOT Albuquerque."

~Amelie. Still not hating Sactown.

3:50 PM

If you live in Sacramento, or within 2 hours of Sacramento, I highly recommend

My dog Seamas? Will be dressed as a bearded lady. I think Erica and I are going with a circus side show theme this year. I know Jamie will be walking Nitro. I think Nitro will probably be a Creepy Peep this year, but I'm not sure. I'm sticking with my circus side show idea. You know Moe, if you brought Seymour? He could be Tiny Tim or better, have him in drag. Thumbelina.

I'm pretty happy it ain't being held the weekend before Halloween, as then I'd have to bow-wow out of it. See, I'm going camping. I have The PF's very cozy tent on my couch with a note to self: "Practice Putting This Up So You Don't Have To Sleep With Mosquitoes".

I have decided that I am not going to do anything in November if I can help it. No shows, no crazy road trips, no stress. I'm going to mulch my garden, weed, green n seed my front lawn, and settle in for winter. Last night, Henry cleaned our disgusting friidge out. I adore him for this. See, there were 25 halfd-used bottles of salad dressing. I got yelled at for owning too much mustard, and other condiments past their primes were tossed. I'm not sure why, but we had a lot of chutneys that were over a year old, and two mozzarella balls from when Allykat was still in town. Man. That's a year old mozzarella ball! Crazy.

So, fridge is cleaned, I ain't doing anything for November, and my October so far looks like fun fun fun.

November, I may make some time to go to Apple Hill and have some wine, cider, and fresh picked apples. I love it up there. Autumn is my favorite season.

~Amelie, Tripping On Fall.

10:59 AM

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